Gameloft-logo-111 It isn’t far fetched to consider Gameloft a very important part of mobile gaming in general. I bought a lot of their initial games when they had basically mobile games that were pretty darn heavily inspired by popular games on other platforms. The App Store has changed over the last few years and Gameloft has struggled to keep up with how things have become. Over the last few years, they’ve had cuts to various studios. After the sad situation at their NYC office, a report from has some more bad news for Gameloft with cuts at their studio in Madrid. has reported that after closing Gameloft’s New Orleans office earlier in February, Gameloft has closed the Madrid studio. Since 2015, Gameloft has cut down or closed studios in 5 other locations. Eurogamer Spain has confirmed to that the studio will be closed and staff has been notified as of yesterday morning. This is after Gameloft Madrid fired 40% of its staff last year. The closing happened with no prior intimation to allow the staff to look elsewhere.

It is sad to see these things happen to studios and the situation is worse when you look at what’s happened with some other Gameloft studios over the last few years. I hope everyone at Gameloft Madrid manages to find something. Best of luck to all the people at or formerly at Gameloft Madrid.


  • DeInit

    Vivendi at work...

  • Hiraether

    Electronic arts syndrome.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Do we know what games they made/ran? Gameloft is spread all over the place, but I suspect all subsidiaries are not created equal. I think this was the studio that did Minion Rush but I can't find a list.

  • hkgsulphate

    IAP go to hell! 😀

    • boydstr

      I hate IAP as much as you but there are a lot of people that think that you can play games for free and this is obviously not the case it is the business itself that create this and we see what the side effect are most gamers don’t like FTP mabey there are some exceptions for games that makes tons of money with FTP but they are exceptions look at the SWBF games and the loot box mess up its destroying my gaming pleasure and it is unbelievable that they do this in full priced console games it’s a good thing that we have YouTube where people speaking out against this bullsh•t I hate it that something so great as gaming and that bring me so much fun and great memories that it is misused by money grabbing companies I hope that people will continue speaking out against this. I hope that the people at Gameloft that lost their jobs will find work soon and bring people fantastic adventures and stories again,gaming is a fantastic medium and we have to speak out against things that will do more harm than good the game business did great without all the FTP/micro transactions and other bullish•t when it started,so long games are made by passionate developers with great stories and action and cool graphics people will recognize this and have no problem to buy them.

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  • Zucchero2304

    Back in the day they would produce awesome, console-quality games. Now it's all about microtransactions and the quality has dropped greatly. It's a shame they went that way, but unfortunately almost the whole industry did.