Unsurprisingly, All Future Gameloft Games Will Be Free to Play

While I doubt this news will come as a surprise to anyone, this morning marks the first time we’ve seen Gameloft come straight out and say that they’re no longer producing premium titles, and all of their future games will be free to play. It makes sense, given the reality of the current mobile games market, but considering Gameloft was one of the early standouts when it came to making great premium iOS games, it does sting a little.

There’s a potential upside to all of this, in that Gameloft is a company with substantial resources to devote to game development, and potentially some of that might will go towards coming up with innovative pay models for games. Not everything has to be based on buying gems and waiting for timers, so it’ll be interesting to see if Gameloft thinks outside of the box with any of their future titles. …But, that’s just me trying to look at this news as a glass half full.