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‘Death Coming’ Gets a Firm Release Date, Arriving on iOS March 13th

Towards the end of January NEXT Studio announced that they’d be bringing their critically acclaimed puzzler Death Coming from desktop to mobile, and today the iOS version finally has a release date. Death Coming has you playing as a recently departed soul who gets offered the job of the Grim Reaper’s assistant. This job entails collecting other souls to keep your boss happy, but since just going around and straight up murdering people is frowned upon, you’ll have to use your ingenuity to create elaborate death sequences out of the environments in each level. Kind of like the Final Destination movies crossed with a Rube Goldberg machine. Here’s the trailer.

Originally Death Coming was planned for a release in February, but a couple of weeks ago NEXT announced that the iOS version would need a bit more time in the video game oven (that’s how games are created) and also that they’d be working on an Android version for release shortly after the iOS version comes out. It looks like that extra time went to good use and Death Coming for iOS is now finished up and scheduled to go live in the App Store next week on March 13th. The game was quite well-received on Steam when it released last November, and it’s currently nominated for the 2018 SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award with the winner being announced March 17th. Exciting times! So look out for Death Coming a week from today on iOS with an Android version in the weeks that follow.