[appicon] TAITO announces a massive holiday sale with some titles discounted for the first time. This sale is for both iOS and Android. Discountes go up to 80% off and even iMessage sticker packs are part of the celebrations. TAITO is a name many associate with retro gaming and if you’ve never played any of their games before, now is the time to check their catalogue out on mobile. Space Invaders celebrates its 40th anniversary next year and other classics like Bust-a-Move influenced a ton of games today. Recent releases like Bust-A-Move Journey [$4.99] are also discounted. Here’s a full list of what’s on discount from TAITO:

While we’ve had some fantastic game releases over the last few days with the App Store showing no signs of slowing down, the holiday sales for publishers are just about to begin. Expect more developers and publishers to put their catalogues on sale over the next few days to celebrate the holidays. For the TAITO sale, make sure to pick the games you want up soon becuase discounts end around 5 PM on January 15th.

  • DrlRage

    Really Taito? Ever hear about Free? Or Free to Play? C'mon it's the holidays! We don't have money to Bust-A-Move. Maybe in March? No promises Taito. I do wanna support and help get your app icon designer a raise, I can see he is struggling to bring new ideas to work. Understandable.

    • yourmomsbox

      what are you even yapping

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        He's just trying to wind people up, if you look at his comment history that's sort of his thing.

      • DrlRage

        Nah. More like wind people down. PS. look at him name, you would think he'd enjoy some silliness.

  • Craig Grannell

    Huh. I got all excited for a second there, thinking they'd finally updated Infinity Gene. But no: just a dead link. Not sure where the info above came from, but some of it appears to be duff. (SI HD is also a dead link.)

    • neiliss

      Yup me too, what a downer!