Classic Platformers ‘Mos Speedrun’ and ‘Mos Speedrun 2’ Updated for the iPhone X

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When it comes to games that are never leaving my device, the Mos Speedrun games are most definitely on that list, and today I’m very pleased to see that both games are now updated for the iPhone X screen. The original Mos Speedrun ($0.99) launched in early 2011 and as its name implied it was a platformer centered around completing levels as quickly as possible. It was one of the earlier games to totally nail virtual controls in a highly-demanding precision platformer like this, and I have fond memories of battling for first place on the levels that featured online leaderboard support. Yes, Mos Speedrun is a true classic and one that I often revisit just for fun. Being an iPhone X owner, I naturally prefer that games take advantage of that whole gorgeous screen, and Mos Speedrun looks quite beautiful running on it now.

Fast forward a few years to the fall of 2015 and developer Physmo released the long-awaited sequel Mos Speedrun 2 ($0.99). Like most sequels, the essence of the game was true to the original in that it was a speedrun-focused platformer with tight controls and level designs. Just about everything else though was amped up to 11. Levels were now much larger and elaborate, secret areas and items were now much more complex and challenging, and the graphics were improved a bunch. If Mos Speedrun was an NES game, Mos Speedrun 2 was its sweet SNES sequel. Whereas the original Mos Speedrun was updated a few times with new levels to flesh out the experience, Mos Speedrun 2 had a ginormous amount of content in it right from the start, and in fact there was so many levels and secrets to uncover and the challenge of the game was so great that I doubt very many people have seen it all. Like Mos Speedrun, the sequel also looks glorious on the iPhone X.

It’s kind of hard to believe that Mos Speedrun 2 released more than two years ago, I remember being so excited following every bit of new information about it for what felt like forever. Then again it’s pretty hard to believe the original game launched nearly seven years ago. Time flies, ya’ll. Anyway, if you enjoy platformers but haven’t jumped on the Mos Speedrun bandwagon before, then check out our review of the first game as well as our write-up of a big update it received which added a cool Prestige mode which challenged you to beat the game on just one life. Yeah, good luck with that! For Mos Speedrun 2, you can also check out our full review and our Game of the Week write-up from when it released.

As I said, there’s probably more content in Mos Speedrun 2 than you’ll ever even get to see, and for the grand total of three bucks you can buy both games and be set with platforming games for a good long while. Be warned though, both games are extremely tough and you will die often, but they’re also some of the most rewarding experiences for those who stick with it and push through the challenge. Also worth noting is that while they’re definitely geared towards speedrunning, there are additional goals to shoot for in both games besides just fast completion times, making them feel more like traditional exploratory platformers. So if you don’t typically care about speedrun stuff, there’s still a lot to like for regular platforming fans too. Either way both Mos Speedrun and Mos Speedrun 2 are among the best platforming games in all of the App Store, and I’m super happy to see them continuing to get updates for new hardware.

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