Taito Puts the Original Bubble Shooter ‘Bust-a-Move’ on Sale Along with ‘Space Invaders’ Games and More

Taito is a publisher with some influential retro chops, being the stewards of the classic Space Invaders license (and they’ve done some really cool things with it), and Bust-a-Move ($4.99). Considering that match-3 bubble-shooters are a really lucrative genre now, it’s kind of crazy to think that Bust-a-Move was the one to start it all off. The good news is that if you’ve wanted to enjoy the classic without dealing with any consumable IAP stuff, well, Taito’s put the original and New Bust-a-Move ($4.99) on sale. Here’s a whole list of their stuff:

There’s some solid games in that list, including a few greats like Space Invaders Infinity Gene which I had forgotten about until now. Might be worth checking out a few of these games and get acquainted with them.