Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon [$4.99 (HD)] is pretty damn amazing. You can read our review here. Having originally launched on PC platforms and then ported to PlayStation platforms before iOS, it seems like DLC is going to follow the same pattern. Red Hook Studios commented on the DLC for the iPad version in a blog post about a newly announced DLC titled The Color of Madness. While this has no announcement for pricing or date, we do have confirmation that both The Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker are in development for iPad now. Watch the trailer for The Crimson Court DLC below:

The iPad version was ported by Blitworks and they are the team working on porting over The Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker to iPad. They claim that the porting is progressing smoothly and they will have an update from Blitworks about the release schedule for both pieces of DLC for the iPad version soon. It is still unbelievable that Darkest Dungeon is available on iPad for just $4.99. Check out the forum thread for Darkest Dungeon as well.

  • Milotorou

    I just wish they could fit the resolution to get the whole screen covered...

    Its still an anazing game and one I can easily recommend to fans of hardcore dungeon crawlers but it would be nice

    • Jinxtah

      Wait, the resolution doesn't cover the whole screen on iPads?

      • Gurney Halleck

        It is letterboxed as the native resolution for the game is 16:9 widescreen ratio and the iPad screen displays the classic 4:3.

      • Gurney Halleck

        That said, it is still a very easy recommendation and on iPad Pro 10.5 or 12" screen sizes it is virtually a non issue.

      • Milotorou

        I have a 10.5 iPad Pro...

        I still find it a little bit annoying, again, I still recommend the game, it doesnt ruin it or anything.

      • Jinxtah

        Ah ok. That's a little weird though. Seems like a lazy development mindset not to fix such an obvious thing. I already own the game for pc, though I never got overly far due to how soul crushingly difficult it used to be in early access.

        I'll probably pick it up for iOS once the dlc is released and give it another spin.

      • Milotorou

        Might be my hazy memory but I think they said they would keep it that way because they did not want to change the UI...

        In any case, its only 5 bucks on iOS, even with a minor issue its a steal at that price !

  • Me

    No Android version 🙁 ? I could pay more then 10 bucks for it, I want it 🙁 .

    • Argyle

      Look for Dungeon Survival, its not DD but its fun

  • etienne

    Universal update?

  • Lanster27

    Still waiting for the game's release on iPhones. Come on Red Hook, it's not that hard!

    • Qwazz Bre

      I bet it's harder than you think it is, but also well worth the effort. There's got to be plenty of us who would buy it in a heartbeat if it was available on our phones and not just the tablet.