After some silence and a delay, we finally have a date for the unveiling of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing mobile game. Nintendo shocked everyone last year when Shigeru Miyamoto was on stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 event showing off Super Mario Run [Free]. There was some buzz around the iPhone X event that lead us to speculate that we might see Animal Crossing shown off but that didn’t end up happening. Today, Nintendo and the Animal Crossing Twitter account have announced an Animal Crossing Mobile Direct for tomorrow night.

Animal Crossing’s mobile game is set to be revealed tomorrow night. Nintendo Directs are basically short pre-recorded videos shown off with upcoming games or news. This Direct will be only about the mobile Animal Crossing game and won’t have any updates on other consoles or products from the company.

Having played a ton of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and a bit of Happy Home Designer on the Nintendo 3DS, it feels like Animal Crossing could just work on mobile as is with a direct port. The mobile game will most likely not be that but given the in game systems with the time of day and slight grindy nature initially, Animal Crossing could turn out really well on mobile platforms. If you’re looking forward to the Nintendo Direct, watch it here or on the YouTube channel. It will be around 15 minutes long and beging at 8 PM PT tomorrow.

  • thejbe

    Ok now this is news! Sooooo looking forward to this! Please let it be a decent f2p game with tons of fun!

  • Saveria

    Don't let down Nintendo pleasssse

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    I will totally sink money into this if it’s a true animal crossing game. Don’t boil anything down, and have all of the animal Crossing workings mixed into it and I’m sure you’ll have a hit Nintendo.

  • Modjular

    I just want to say, that I totally support IAP's if it is implemented thoughtfully. Clash Royale had the option for the typical whale to sink money on countless chests. But for the moderate spenders they put out $10-$20 bundles of gems and such that felt very meaningful and worth buying. Very much the type of IAP I had no problem buying. So my fingers are animal crossed for this game. 🤞