‘Super Mario Run’ Update With New Levels and Character Out Now, IAP on Sale for $4.99

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Amidst all of the speculation over whether the game was a financial success, as well as Nintendo’s later mobile and console achievements in 2017, the fact that Super Mario Run (Free) was actually an incredibly enjoyable arcade runner has become a bit obscured. It was by no means a revolutionary, platform-defining release as many had expected, but for me, Mario’s first foray on the App Store was easily one of the most fun experiences of 2016. As we reported last week, a brand new major update for Super Mario Run has been in the works, featuring Daisy as a new character, a bunch of additional levels and much more. While the initial release date was slated for September 29th, it appears Nintendo has fired out these extra features a day early, as the latest update for Super Mario Run is now available to download – with the game’s in-app purchase also getting a price cut to $4.99 for the next two weeks.

While Princess Daisy and her apparently signature double-jump move is perhaps the marquee feature in this latest update, the additional courses and remixes are what will likely bring many seasoned Super Mario Run fans back to the game. Remix 10 brings a compilation of ten short but sweet old courses in a row to unlock Luigi’s aforementioned love interest (sorry Rosalina!), and World Star introduces brand new levels in forests and – of course – that cursed airship, as well as a whole host of surprises. An in-game music player, new buildings for the Kingdom Builder mode and better balancing of the Toad Rally are all also nice additions, and will hopefully help propel Super Mario Run back into the App Store charts. Download the update for Super Mario Run today (and take advantage of the 50% off IAP sale if you haven’t already purchased the full game), and let us know your impressions on these new additions on our forum thread and Discord server.

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