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Nintendo’s Mobile ‘Animal Crossing’ Still Coming in 2017

I know that E3 was pretty devoid of mobile content, with Nintendo being one of the culprits, but in this case no news wasn’t necessarily bad news. In a recent interview, Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, talked explained that the company felt E3 wasn’t the place to talk about mobile plans, so Nintendo focused instead on Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. A place like South by Southwest would be a better place to talk about mobile, Fils-Aime pointed out. It was all about giving that specific audience what it wanted.

He then went on to talk about Animal Crossing mobile, pointing out that its development continues quite strongly, and the teams are very excited about it at the moment. The game is going to launch this year as they’ve committed, which is great news. And, as has been the case with all the Nintendo mobile games, Animal Crossing on mobile is meant to “help broaden the user base" for the IP and have a positive impact on Nintendo’s dedicated video game business. In other words, temper your expectations.

[via Waypoint]