‘Subsurface Circular’ from Bithell Games Is Now Available on iPad

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Subsurface Circular ($4.99) from Bithell Games just had a surprise release on the App Store. This iPad only game is designed to be played in a single sitting. Subsurface Circular is a unique take on the old adventure game genre. You play as a detective on board the Subsurface Circular investigating disappearances. With this, two of the three Bithell Games releases are on iOS. I wonder if we will ever get a touch version of Volume.

If you’re on iOS 11, there’s also an exclusive interview in the Today section of the App Store. If you aren’t familiar with Bithell Games and Mike Bithell, they gave us Thomas Was Alone ($4.99) and you can read our review of that here. Subsurface Circular is another game that feels perfect on iPad as do most games that invoice dialogue choices and ones that play out like visual novels.

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