It's no secret that we're huge fans of the Mikey games around here, and for me personally being a massive platforming game nut, they're easily amongst my very favorite games on the entire iOS platform. So you could imagine the sadness I felt as the original 3 games in the Mikey Shorts trilogy sat in my "Dead Apps Walking" 32-bit folder, waiting to die with the arrival of iOS 11. But wait! Developer BeaverTap Games has stayed their execution with some slightly delayed but totally welcome 64-bit updates for the Mikey trilogy. Mikey Shorts [$1.99], Mikey Hooks [$1.99], and Mikey Boots [$1.99] are all updated and in good working order now on iOS 11 and are just as fun as ever.

To celebrate these latest updates, each game is also on sale for just 99¢ each, which is half off their normal prices of $1.99. If you're new to the Mikey series and need a little guidance, well, we've given all 3 of these games 5 stars in our reviews over the years. You can find our original Mikey Shorts review here, our Mikey Hooks review here, and our Mikey Boots review here. Last year's Mikey Jumps [Free] is like an auto-runner amalgamation of all the elements in the 3 original games, and is also well worth your time and free to download and try.

While I love Mikey Jumps to pieces I also love it in a different way than the original games, which are just about flawless in my opinion, and are responsible for some of my fondest iOS gaming memories. I'm so, so hapy to see them saved. So if you own the Mikey games and were sad like me about their incompatibility with iOS 11, it's time go get happy and smash those update buttons! And if you've missed out on the Mikey games previously, grabbing them during this 99¢ sale promotion would be a pretty smart thing to do if you enjoy platformers.

  • Stephanie McKeon

    No love for Mikey Shorts Halloween. I notice it's not even on the App Store any more.

    • slamraman

      man - i loved that halloween one too. Great news though on hands down the best trilogy on the AppStore.

      • Deckard74

        I just knew you'd be here when Mikey was on the table lol, hope you're well Slam The Man!

      • slamraman

        Ha - all good Deckard. Hope all good with you too. I always thought Apple missed a trick with Mikey and could have turned him into a wee icon. With Game Center dying this time last year and my App Backups now pretty much gone with the iTunes update I think my wife is secretly running things at Apple.

    • Jared Nelson

      There is a chance the Halloween one will be updated too, but their priority was the trilogy first so we'll see what happens!

      • Stephanie McKeon


  • bacon-N-eggs

    Guess I can now update to ios 11, thanks Mike and Mike!