Simogo's full catalogue is heavily discounted right now and it has never been a better time to complete your Simogo collection on the App Store. Recently they've worked on updating all their old games with 64-bit support to make sure everything works on iOS 11. Slowly, we saw the updates drop and the complete catalogue is iOS 11 ready right now. There are some really fantastic games over here and just about everything is pretty much a must have on iOS.

I was introduced to Simogo through Year Walk [$3.99]. You can get the lovely adventure experience Year Walk and the free companion app [Free] right now and begin your own Year Walk right now. Device 6 [$3.99] is definitely my favourite of their releases and the interactive text based novel makes great use of branching paths and colours. Kosmo Spin [$2.99] was their debut release and it graced the App Store nearly 7 years ago. Bumpy Road [$2.99] is an interesting platformer where you control the road underneath a car and Beat Sneak Bandit [$2.99] is quite the original experience. Their recent releases are the amazing SPL-T [$2.99] which is a monochrome puzzle game and The Sailor's Dream [$3.99] which is a very relaxing and open experience.

There hasn't been any mention for the occasion of the big sale but that won't stop anyone from enjoying Simogo's games super cheap right now. You can check out the various forum threads for each game as well.

  • Qvothe1331

    Pretty amazing. I think some of these have never been on sale. Thank you TA and Simogo.

  • Steve Nathanson

    Anyone know if Beat Sneak Bandit is updated for larger screens? I think the last time I downloaded it (years ago) it still had iPhone 4 aspect ratio.

    • Rob Funnell

      Yep, fairly sure they added this in the recent update.

    • Bitcoin

      Yes it has. Fantastic game. Love Bitcoin.

  • MikeAK

    Now these are some must buys!! If I didn't own them all I'd be all over this but Devoce 6, Beat Sneak, and Year Walk are all criminally good and should absolutely be picked up asap by anyone without them!! DO IT!!!

  • curtisrshideler

    Thanks Simogo! So glad I can keep enjoying these apps.

  • Anotherkellydown

    Just picked up Cosmo Spin. Hope to see some familiar names on the leaderboard.

    • Anotherkellydown

      I spelled it wrong of course. "Kosmo" with a "K", Mike.

    • paulkane

      Ok, AKD. Let's battle...sprained wrist be d*mned! 😳 But, before you enter the new era of iOS, we MUST get you GRINDING Forget.Me.Not.

  • nav1

    Sweet! I'm going to get them all now... except Year Walk. I was interested in it, but once I saw it had at least one "screamer", it turned me off. I hate those scare tactics.

  • DanCJ

    I picked up Year Walk when I spotted the sale last night.

    Slightly tempted by Device 6 (though I don’t like text games) and Beat Sneak Bandit (though I don’t like rhythm games).

    If someone can convince me that Beat Sneak Bandit is more like The Executive and Fearless Fantasy and less like the million music games out there, then I’ll be a bit more tempted.

    Already got Spl-t. That had me seriously hooked for a couple of weeks - top score 184,799.

    • Craig Grannell

      Device 6 is superb. It's not so much a text adventure as an adventure title where the narrative forms the paths you take around its oddball world. To my mind – on iPad at least – it's one of those games that make the system, like Eliss. Essential and a steal at a buck.

      As for Beat Sneak Bandit, it's hard to recommend if you don't like rhythm games, given that it is one. But at the time I found it a fascination mash-up of rhythm, platforming and stealth. It still holds up, and I'm very glad it's made it across the 64-bit pit of doom.

      • DanCJ

        Cheers. I just read through the TA reviews of both games and decided to go for it. The rhythm thing puts me off BSB, but the puzzle side intrigues me so it’s worth a punt. Similar with Device 6.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Just realized I had never gotten around to buying any Simogo games despite being fascinated by many of the original artistic premise and gameplay elements they bring together. Saw this sale and knew it was the only time I have seen any of these on sale (save for SPL-T) before. I bought the entire catalogue for myself and for my gf and we are both having a great time with Year Walk and the companion already, and Device-6 is just brilliant in so many ways. Very excited to finally chew on these excellent and varied titles! 🤓

  • DanCJ

    Anyone got any thoughts on Sailor's Dream? That seemed to sneak through very quietly and doesn’t seem to actually be a game.

    • Anotherkellydown

      Though I've not played myself (only Simogo title I don't already own) I've heard it's more of an artful experience. They even had a short podcast series based on it if I'm remembering right...

      • DanCJ

        I don’t think it’s for me.

  • agrabe

    Thanks: bought year walk and device 6

  • Bitcoin

    Fantastic games. Love Simongo. Love Bitcoin.