There's nothing quite like the App Store for dropping some cool looking game without any sort of warning. Such is the case with Death Point [$1.99], a new top-down dual-stick stealth game from developer Andiks. Arriving on the App Store with zero fanfare yesterday, it has since gone to capture the attention of our community, and after giving it a brief try for myself, it seems like a really high-quality title if you're looking for a new premium game to chew on going into the weekend. As mentioned Death Point is a stealth game, inspired by "Metal Gear Solid, PayDay and HITMAN series" according to the developer's website. Check out this trailer of the desktop version to get an idea of what Death Point is all about.

As you can see, there's a nice variety of weapons as well as cool stealth gadgets to utilize while making your way through Death Point. And as evidenced by the impressions in our forums, there can be multiple ways to complete objectives and although it's a stealth game and your basic goal is to not be seen, if you are seen it doesn't immediatly spell failure and in fact some of the most tense and exciting moments can come from getting yourself out of a situation where the enemy has spotted you. Very cool stuff! The dual-stick style control system and contextual virtual buttons have felt slightly clunky here and there in my opinion but still seem up to the task as I've grown used to them.

Death Point appeared on Steam Greenlight exactly one year ago tomorrow, and it's not really known what ended up happening to that desktop version. The important thing for us though is that the game has arrived on iOS and so far it seems like a winner, so be sure to check out the aforementioned forum thread for more details and impressions about the game, and if you end up taking Death Point for a spin yourself be sure to leave your own thoughts about it there too.

  • boydstr

    It looks very sharp but I like to know if the game is playable with a controller?

    • Giacomo Lawrance

      I'd also like to know this

    • Stetch

      Yeah the game kinda demands a controller. Or the character is gonna be all stealthy under the thumbs.

    • Jinxtah

      I'd like to know this as well before I consider whether to buy it or not. If it doesn't have controller support, then I won't bother.

      • Ag3ntP3ndergast

        Imho "dual stick" could mean virtual controls only too... I can't remember their names but I think I've seen games that had no controller support but still said "dual stick"

        Sorry, that probably isn't too helpful tho

      • Jinxtah

        That would be a very sneaky way to have people think controller but mean touch controls. It's not a stick if it's touch controls, but I have a feeling you're right in that it's really just virtual "joysticks" or whatever. I've tried asking on twitter, but so far they haven't bothered responding.

      • Superdio

        no controller, no party for me, especially in with a game like this

      • Jinxtah

        Yeah, it amazes me that developers still haven't caught on to this. They make games which are perfect for controllers, but because it's an iPad, they think everyone wants to exclusively use tilt controls or onscreen controls. I hate gaming like that except for games where it makes sense like tower defense or whatever else. Not racing games or top down shooters etc.

        I have a 13 inch iPad, and it's not very handy or comfortable to play with in your hands.

      • boydstr

        So far as I know the term "dual stick" is used a lot for top down shooters and don't imply that the game is playable with a controller but I understand that it can be confusing for some but it is my favorite steering mechanism for this type of games,the best way to play games anyway is with a controller but developers have to pay a license fee to implement control. support on iOS but I have no problem to pay some extra for this.

      • boydstr

        I bought the game and try to connect my MFI Madcatz c.t.r.l but it didn't connect with the game and that's a real shame because this kind of game screams for controller support because the gameplay demands some precise inputs in stealth sections when I need to hide behind a pillar most of the time I was killed because the shortcomings of the virtual stick I don't understand that the developers make an fantastic game but didn't take some extra time to put in controller support especially the shadow effects are looking amazing I hope they make an update for controls.

      • Jinxtah

        Ah ok, thanks for the confirmation, even if it wasn't what I had hoped. Oh well, one less game I have to play. Perhaps they'll see the light some day and add it in like you say.

  • Rohit Bhatia

    on android too the controls feel clunky.