‘Death Point’, a New Premium Top-Down Stealth Game, Launches Out of Nowhere on iOS

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There’s nothing quite like the App Store for dropping some cool looking game without any sort of warning. Such is the case with Death Point ($5.99), a new top-down dual-stick stealth game from developer Andiks. Arriving on the App Store with zero fanfare yesterday, it has since gone to capture the attention of our community, and after giving it a brief try for myself, it seems like a really high-quality title if you’re looking for a new premium game to chew on going into the weekend. As mentioned Death Point is a stealth game, inspired by “Metal Gear Solid, PayDay and HITMAN series" according to the developer’s website. Check out this trailer of the desktop version to get an idea of what Death Point is all about.

As you can see, there’s a nice variety of weapons as well as cool stealth gadgets to utilize while making your way through Death Point. And as evidenced by the impressions in our forums, there can be multiple ways to complete objectives and although it’s a stealth game and your basic goal is to not be seen, if you are seen it doesn’t immediatly spell failure and in fact some of the most tense and exciting moments can come from getting yourself out of a situation where the enemy has spotted you. Very cool stuff! The dual-stick style control system and contextual virtual buttons have felt slightly clunky here and there in my opinion but still seem up to the task as I’ve grown used to them.

Death Point appeared on Steam Greenlight exactly one year ago tomorrow, and it’s not really known what ended up happening to that desktop version. The important thing for us though is that the game has arrived on iOS and so far it seems like a winner, so be sure to check out the aforementioned forum thread for more details and impressions about the game, and if you end up taking Death Point for a spin yourself be sure to leave your own thoughts about it there too.

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