Among the many things that take place in the TouchArcade Discord is a hefty amount of speculation that comes from iOS gaming fans desperately trying to read the tea leaves on the App Store. Today's eyebrow-raising events surround an all-time classic of gaming: Final Fantasy Tactics [$13.99]. If you've never played this game and you're even remotely interested in turn-based strategy, I don't care what platform you play it on, or what re-release you play as long as you play it. Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the few PlayStation games you could practically turn a profit on trading it into Funco Land it was in such demand back in the day, and the game has aged beautifully over the years through its various ports and re-releases.

The original, iPhone-only port was a little rough around the edges, but has been updated over the years to get quite a bit better. However, Final Fantasy Tactics has been in the danger zone for a while now when it comes to support from Square. It hasn't been updated since 2013, and squarely sits in the camp of really great games that aren't 64 bit yet that we really hope don't die with the 64 bit appocalypse coming with iOS 11. Well, the game went on sale (again) today, apparently for an event taking place in Brave Exvius [Free].

Here's where things might get interesting: It's become common App Store etiquette to mention if your games aren't getting updated when you put them on sale this close to iOS 11. After all, a sale on the App Store is a good way to get a bunch of new people to download your game and it's real poor form to do that without mentioning that your game is effectively reaching the end of its life as it is potentially totally unplayable in a couple months (or right now if you install the iOS 11 public betas).

Anyway, the line of reasoning is as follows: Square Enix has released some clunky games on the App Store for sure, but by and large they've been pretty good to iOS gamers. It'd seem hard to believe that they'd have a Final Fantasy Tactics fire sale, with no intention of updating the game. Is it reasonable to assume this is a sign that a 64 bit update is coming? Maybe. Is this a bit of a hot take? Potentially. Are we reading some App Store tea leaves? Definitely.

But, hey, I stand by what I said earlier that everyone needs to play this game on some platform.

  • TJF588

    Amazing that a PlayStation game debuted on the Super Nintendo! (Now, for my true ignorance: Wouldn't that've been a Tactics Ogre?)

    • Milotorou

      No, but its deeply inspired, the battle system was designed by the same person who designed TO's in junction with the creator of the ATB system if im not mistaken

  • orangecan

    I remember paying about 70 quid for this on import when it came out on the PlayStation. I spent many many happy hours and late nights on it and loved every minute of it, but when I bought it for iOS I realised I wasn't single and living with my mates anymore and I just couldn't get into it again without dedicating a chunk of my life I didn't have spare to it. Very glad I played it when I did though, it's absolutely fantastic.

  • Blucard

    Make an Apple TV port as well as support PVP with other iOS owners online. It's time for iOS to step up as a console with a force to be reckoned with, between is presence as platform and hardware prowess. Switch is the future Nintendo is right about that, but Apple could execute if they got it together. Integrate the iPhone, iPad and tv as a unified experience.

    I'm playing a game with a game controller on the tv and some else needs the tv. I grab my iPad and with handoff pick right up where I left off and pair the controller over as well. I need to leave the house and don't want to carry my iPad so I save and turn off the game to leave with my iPhone. During the down times of commuting, breaks and lunches, I want to play the game so I continue to do so. But depending on the game the user is faced with certain situations.

    -The controllers.
    I have to carry something else around.
    A Controller needs to have a DS clamshell approach to easily carry around.
    A controller similar to PS/XBOX that clamps the phone or to play with an iPad when mobility allowing for more intense games or more comfortable, familiar grip but wouldn't be pocket friendly and needs a travel bag when not left at the house.
    No controllers needed.

    -The game itself.
    Depending on the game things could be limited. A full fledge "Witcher 3" sized game could be Apple TV and possibly Pro iPads only platforms due to hardware and games like "Destiny" because of the online but games like this FFTWotL is perfect for all three formats of gaming. Touch and or controller options for iPhone, iPad and TV maybe have a real time online battle system set up. But I want iOS to be the gaming platform.

    Rant done.

    • Blucard

      Also. Touch Arcade, where is your 64 bit update? I can open you app on my iOS 11 iPad.

      • Blucard


      • Eli Hodapp

        It's not possible to update to 64-bit due to the base functions of our app violating modern App Store policies. We're working on a better version of the web site that behaves a bit more like the app instead.

      • Dema9o9ue

        Couldn't you make an unofficial app that bypasses the App Store as long as we accept the security certificate?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yes if we wanted to spend a ton of time and money to have a likely maximum of a few dozen to a few hundred people download it.

      • Saucepolicy

        Ah, the gamer mindset in a nutshell- uninformed requests to commit a ton of resources to benefit a vocal but tiny minority. :-p

      • Onikage725

        But now he, and other curious readers, are informed. Unless being disrespectful, "there are no bad questions."

      • Kallizm

        That blows my mind that more people don't use it. That's how I stay up to date on when items on my wishlist go on sale. I think I've used the website maybe twice but use the app daily.

        That's also unfortunate that it's so expensive to do it. 🙁

      • David

        Well, Eli isn't a developer so he'd have to pay a 3rd party to create the app.

        All the app really needs is a way to view articles and open up App Store links when items on my Wish List are released.

    • DanKetch

      If the Switch is the future, I've seen, held and own the future, and the future is dusty on my shelf.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Look at this guy.

      • Blucard

        Your switch has dust?! Sell it then quadruple what you got it for because people will pay for it.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Dust to dust, my deepest Switchdolences.

      • Milotorou


    • Saucepolicy

      I appreciate your optimism, but the market has spoken- your desires are a niche at best, and it's not going to happen.

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    THIS can be a load of bollocks. A month ago everyone was angry at xcom because it went on sale. Now everyone praises FFT because it goes on sale. Yet the non-64 surity is the same. Heck even if X-com and FFT don't cross over the 64-barrier, you can play it for like a year before having to update to IOS 11, so just enjoy a sale and don't update

    • Eli Hodapp

      The difference is Squeenix has a history of (slowly) updating their apps when compatibility problems break them. 2K has abandoned the platform.

      • Saucepolicy

        Let's be fair, Squeenix has been a lot more responsive when TA contributors and regulars have besieged them asking for transparency. TWEWY comes to mind.

      • curtneedsaride

        I sure wish Chaos Rings would get the same kind of updates. Three Chaos Rings games are gone. And I miss them.

      • JosephWelke

        Wait, 2K ditched iOS? When? They announced this?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Actions speak way louder than words in this instance.

      • korossyl

        Wow... I had no idea, either. I hadn't even entertained the possibility that Civ Rev 2 wouldn't get its 64-bit upgrade. While there are a couple of games that I would hate to lose, Civ Rev is the only one that is totally indispensible, so updating is a non-starter, then. Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Square usually pulls apps out of their sales rotations when they plan to sunset them. TWEWY used to go on sale regularly until it started having issues a few years back, and it's never gone on sale since. The Chaos Rings games also regularly went on sale, but once SE decided not to fix them, that was the end of that. And so on. We could certainly be wrong here, but I think that regardless of anniversaries and collaborations with other games, SE would not put this game on sale if they didn't at least have the intention of keeping it around past the next two months.

      2K, on the other hand, has never seemed to give a rat's heinie about updating their apps, even if they break three months after launch. History counts.

  • PBSNellie

    I am skeptical. This game has not been updated since 2013, and it's had plenty of sales since then (according to Appshopper), so I'm not sure I want to assume that just because it's on sale now (again) that they are going to suddenly update it. But if they do it will be a nice surprise.

  • Dr T

    I really really hope FFT goes on sale. It's become a permanent fixture on my phone and I don't want to see it go.

    But I am skeptical at this point. Square has pretty much moved through the rest of the Final Fantasy family on iOS and updated them all. FFT's missing update at this point is not a great sign. Nor is the fact it hasn't been updated in years as is.

    • JosephWelke

      Pretty sure you meant you hope FFT gets updated to 64 bit. It DID go on sale. 😉

      And let's add to that wish list FFVII.

      • Adam Kennedy

        Shouldn't FFVII be safe, though? It came out in Fall 2015.

      • Shaun Musgrave

        Yes, that one was born 64-bit compatible.

  • dancingcrane

    Oy. I don't have enough game-playing time to devote $6 to a game that will be gone in 2 months. I need iOS 11 too much to hold off updating, too.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Does anyone know if chaos rings 3 is 64 bits or planning to upgrade? I am about this close to tap on buy

    • curtneedsaride

      The last update was Aug. 2016, which means it has to be 64 bit I believe.

      • Mysterious Heroine X

        Oh good. That's a game that's never leaving my phone, I'm going to copy it over to every new iPhone I get.

  • Jinxtah

    Do we know if all the Final Fantasy games in general will be updated for iOS 11 ?

    • Milotorou

      Theyre all already okay except for FFT.

      • Jinxtah

        That's fantastic. I still have to play FF 5 and 6 before I have run out of FF to play on the iPad (so far), and I would have hated to not be able to play them.

  • Kallizm

    The reason for the sale is because it's the featured banner in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for the next two weeks. Sale runs from today to 8/10 at 23:59 PST.

    • darkfyra

      If it's never being updated,that's rude because it would make people buy it to found out later on that it will stop working,erased mine by precaution,plan to reinstall when it update,I bought it damnit.

      • Kallizm

        Looks like you're safe after all! 🙂

      • darkfyra

        Now in September....still no update

  • Mattosai

    Yep this price is tied to ff brave exvius banner, nothing to do with a 64b update actually.

    Was the same for other ff games when affilated banners where live in ffbe.

    • darkfyra

      Why do that for a dead game?Especially with FFXII Zodiac Age still being a new release,I expected something special Ivalice Alliance related,yes make a special event(give some to Record Keeper by the way,last I checked it look dead) sure,but also include stuff for FFXII,all Tactics games and Vagrant Story(am I the only who know that one?) and the greatest,what I would do if I was in charge would be updating FF Tactics and adding to the store,the GBA and DS one and for people other than me(I have mine so really not me)who don't have a PS3,add Vagrant Story.So for everyone we could get most of the Ivalice Alliance stuff in one place.Also why make a sale if it's dying already?It make no sense.

  • Chris Carson

    My last iOS save on FFT was over 100 hours! Best game ever for me!

  • Psac42

    I bought FFT during the last holiday sale, and when I finally beat CR3, I kicked it off hoping I can be done before the sunset. 30 hours in now, and I love it. Definitely recommend for anyone who hasn't played it, even if just to cram it in now!!

  • Milotorou

    Ive been saying since the start that this game would get a 64bit patch.

    That just strenghten my believing.

    • darkfyra

      Can I reinstall it now or it's too late?

      • Psynyne Wiz

        the app is now compatible to ios 11 just now.

      • darkfyra

        Long installed back now

  • darkfyra

    Just seen a note on the game page,that it will be updated in September,because it's next month reinstalled it back.Nice to get another piece of the Ivalice Alliance back