‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ Goes on Sale, Potentially Forecasting 64-bit Update?

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Among the many things that take place in the TouchArcade Discord is a hefty amount of speculation that comes from iOS gaming fans desperately trying to read the tea leaves on the App Store. Today’s eyebrow-raising events surround an all-time classic of gaming: Final Fantasy Tactics ($13.99). If you’ve never played this game and you’re even remotely interested in turn-based strategy, I don’t care what platform you play it on, or what re-release you play as long as you play it. Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the few PlayStation games you could practically turn a profit on trading it into Funco Land it was in such demand back in the day, and the game has aged beautifully over the years through its various ports and re-releases.

The original, iPhone-only port was a little rough around the edges, but has been updated over the years to get quite a bit better. However, Final Fantasy Tactics has been in the danger zone for a while now when it comes to support from Square. It hasn’t been updated since 2013, and squarely sits in the camp of really great games that aren’t 64 bit yet that we really hope don’t die with the 64 bit appocalypse coming with iOS 11. Well, the game went on sale (again) today, apparently for an event taking place in Brave Exvius (Free).

Here’s where things might get interesting: It’s become common App Store etiquette to mention if your games aren’t getting updated when you put them on sale this close to iOS 11. After all, a sale on the App Store is a good way to get a bunch of new people to download your game and it’s real poor form to do that without mentioning that your game is effectively reaching the end of its life as it is potentially totally unplayable in a couple months (or right now if you install the iOS 11 public betas).

Anyway, the line of reasoning is as follows: Square Enix has released some clunky games on the App Store for sure, but by and large they’ve been pretty good to iOS gamers. It’d seem hard to believe that they’d have a Final Fantasy Tactics fire sale, with no intention of updating the game. Is it reasonable to assume this is a sign that a 64 bit update is coming? Maybe. Is this a bit of a hot take? Potentially. Are we reading some App Store tea leaves? Definitely.

But, hey, I stand by what I said earlier that everyone needs to play this game on some platform.


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