Slitherine is Having a Ridiculous Sale, But There’s a Huge Catch

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When I saw the prices of pretty much every Slitherine game drop to their lowest ever, I didn’t know what to think. If nothing else, this publisher has been pretty firm about charging a premium price for their games. Slash and burn isn’t usually their style. But then I remembered something very, very important. Almost all of Slitherine’s games are 32-bit apps, and the publisher has made it clear that they are not going to update them. So if you buy, do so with the knowledge that these games absolutely will not work on any iOS version after iOS 10. You have been warned!

If you happen to be keeping a legacy device around that runs a lower iOS version, however, these deals are real steals. The games are great, and they’re almost never as cheap as this anywhere. So, yeah. Fire sale? Fire sale. Have at it, friends.

Once more with feeling, these apps are all 32-bit. They will not run on iOS 11 and up, and they will not be updated. Slitherine is basically letting these go for a pittance because of that fact. They’re very much upfront about that fact right in the app descriptions, so I think this is actually a pretty decent thing to do if they can’t manage to do the best thing and, you know, update them. What do you all think about this approach for apps on their way out?

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