I know that many of our Android readers have been complaining about being left out of the Brawl Stars soft launch party, and rightly so since the game is so much fun. A developer update today sheds light on why we haven't seen an Android beta yet. And, I'm sorry to say, it doesn't seem like Android players will be playing the game any time soon. According to the post, Brawl Stars uses a unique system of local servers, and the only live server right now is in Canada. The nature of an Android APK allows it to spread across the globe very quickly, and that would make it really hard for Android players to play (and hammer the server as well).

The developers are currently improving and testing the game, and they won't be doing an Android or global release until the game is an excellent shape. So, sorry to burst your Android dreams. And do keep in mind that, as we've posted recently, Brawl Stars APK download links are all scams, so avoid them for your safety.

  • trilldill

    im cheesed

    • Taylor Shearsmith

      Me too

  • ChaosProdigy

    To our IOS and soon Android players: Help us out? TouchArcade1 is seeking active players who plan to play Brawl Stars for years. We all use Discord, and our TouchArcade1 clan in Clash Royale is ranked in top 170 in the world. Let us help you be the best player you can be while hanging out with some friends for the long term.

    Our spots are extremely limited and at the moment we are not focused on how many trophies the person has, we just want some chill active players who think they would enjoy socializing in Discord and for the long term.

    Some of us have been gaming together for years cross many games, join us by sending me a private message!

    • Pazir

      Im down (Y)

    • Dabba Khan

      Count me in

    • Faizan

      Please allow me to join very active player upto 5 hrs daily

    • KingofChina

      count me too but I have android so save me a spot

    • Aquarius

      I would really love to join your clan! I'm an android though so save me a spot please?

  • Zeeshan

    I am in to play for a year

  • Hinata Hyuga

    That's insane. I don't even want to play it anymore.

    • TheKnifestSharp

      I think the Android base is so large that they just want to make sure that the Android version is ready for the onslaught of demand. I don't think the technological demands will be much different than Clash Royale. The only difference is the playfield is free-roaming which is causing coding and logistical problems with existing server infrastructure. They already have a working model in iOS. Supercell should have enough money and resources (from all of their other wildly successful games) to pour attention into the Android version of this game. I think it will be a matter of a month or two, at most, before we have a working beta version on Android devices.

  • LewisGamez- Cubic Castles & Mo

    Yo dude I will if I can find a way to get brawl stars early in the uk

  • Daniel.C

    This is bad if the game doesn't get released soon then this will be a problem for everyone and a big shame and also has to get released for uk!!!!! So bye Bb

    • Daniel.C

      Supercell has to work hard for android and UK servers!!!
      If supercell is reading this plz make it for android in UK thanks πŸ˜‰

  • TheKnifestSharp

    Look, Android devices account for better than 80% of devices being sold right now. There will be much bigger technological hurdles to provide this game to Android users.

    Number one among them are infrastructure. In the US alone, you have to support millions of devices. Worldwide, the number is in the tens of millions. Those are conservative estimates as everyone and their grandmother owns an Android device or two. There must be servers in every region in the US for this game to succeed. Knowing Supercell, they won't half ass a launch. Be patient.

    Secondly, coding is different. The game has to abide by Android's rules. This is a completely different undertaking than it is for iOS. There are changes from the iOS makeup that present a different set of challenges in the Android system. Its not an easy transition. Again, be patient.

    Thirdly, this game is much different than any other Supercell game. It's a real-time team play strat game. Open roaming map with 6 different players all going at once. This is their first go at this type of game.

    Overall, I think Supercell is taking the cautious approach. They want a serious gaming experience for serious gamers and also want a fun gaming experience for casual players. This game aims to do it all. I hope they pull it off.

  • David J. W. Prest

    I want it now... I had an iPhone for like 2 weeks.. and played.. just bought a note 8 and now I can't play anymore I'm pissed

  • Erik De Bever

    bad bad bad

  • Brawl Stars King

    The game is really good, especially after the biggest new update. I hope to see the Brawl Stars will come soon on android version.

  • matthew

    What happens if this game is only on apple

  • ali akeel

    i REALLY want it on android πŸ™