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‘Brawl Stars’ Android Version Not Coming Any Time Soon – Blame the Servers

I know that many of our Android readers have been complaining about being left out of the Brawl Stars soft launch party, and rightly so since the game is so much fun. A developer update today sheds light on why we haven’t seen an Android beta yet. And, I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t seem like Android players will be playing the game any time soon. According to the post, Brawl Stars uses a unique system of local servers, and the only live server right now is in Canada. The nature of an Android APK allows it to spread across the globe very quickly, and that would make it really hard for Android players to play (and hammer the server as well).

The developers are currently improving and testing the game, and they won’t be doing an Android or global release until the game is an excellent shape. So, sorry to burst your Android dreams. And do keep in mind that, as we’ve posted recently, Brawl Stars APK download links are all scams, so avoid them for your safety.