PSA: Android ‘Brawl Stars’ APK Download Links are All Scams

We’ve been all about Supercell’s Brawl Stars since it soft launched last week. The game hits a perfect balance of scratching the MOBA itch with play sessions that last only a couple minutes, and being a Supercell game, it’s just ridiculously accessible so anyone can enjoy it. The problem is, right now the game is only soft launched on iOS, leading Android gamers who are hungry to join in on the fun falling for endless scams from anyone promising to have a Brawl Stars APK download link. I guess this is nothing new in the Android world, and if you’re curious what these scams look like, check out this video which (as of this writing) has 60k views. All following the steps in this video even amount to is installing a bunch of stuff through a referral link which undoubtedly the video creator is making money on:

This is one of the more harmless scams I’ve seen in the world of Brawl Stars Android APK download links, but it’s entirely possible to install some serious malware just randomly downloading anything you can find on Google that looks like a Brawl Stars APK- Particularly with the sort of permissions many of these scam APKs ask users to grant. It should go without saying, but Brawl Stars, for instance, doesn’t require access to your camera, which one would think would be one of the many red flags in this whole process.

Again, Brawl Stars is not currently available for Android. Any APK files you find floating around are at best some innocuous scam to get you to download some other stuff through affiliate links, or at worst, total malware that is going to run wild on your phone. We’ll post when Brawl Stars is available on Android, but for the time being, quit downloadin’ every random APK you can find. None of them are legit.