Terra Battle [Free], the social RPG developed by Final Fantasy's creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, was a pretty good mobile game that we enjoyed in our review. The good news is that there's a Terra Battle 2 in development, and it looks like it's going to come with a huge story campaign. Sakaguchi wants the game to have around 50 chapters and wants to release a new chapter every Friday, which is a fun way to keep players coming back for more and also keep them from devouring the content too fast. Terra Battle will continue to get updates, which is good news for those who've tons of hours in that game.

Sakaguchi has also said that he's planning on building up the Terra universe with at least nine games, some of which might play very differently from Terra Battle. Terra Battle 2 is planned for a 2017 release, and while there's no information on a Western release, I would be surprised if it doesn't come to these shores.

  • shdwstar2417

    My issue with this game was the real lack of an efficient device sharing method. I'd much prefer anything other than the code sharing.

  • RinoaHeartily

    They didn't release terra battle worldwide and now they working on 2 😭😭😭😭

    • Tonk Montana

      Crazy right?? I set up a US account just so I could play this game but why can't they just release it to the rest of the world?

      • Kevin Lim

        montana. i think the major reason would be collaboration. for example, if they collaborate with One Piece. they would have to deal with the relative people with One Piece over at Japan and then all player would get to enjoy the event. plus, they included english but you would have to find your way to their app.

        a lot of times, games that had US and JP version, but JP is getting a lot event contents while US version just keep repeating the same event contents over and over again. while US player keep complaining why JP had the better events. problem is, US would have to deal with the relative person who will be in charge of the collaboration content (ex. one piece) and the details in collaboration can be completely different and difficult.

        why not, let everyone enjoy 1 same server 1 same event but for those outside of the country, you can guys have to find your way there and it is actually not that tough to create an acc to get access to that game. and it would be good if you created one, japan app store have quite a lot of interesting thing to see IMO.

      • Carlos Portillo

        How'd you do that?

  • Tychaeus

    Ooooooooh snaaaaaaaap!!!!!! Man this is awesome news. This is probably the first REALLY addictive mobile game thar really grabbed me. I just recently got back into it too and have 4 of my six group members alpha class now....plus....i got suuper lucky recently and got Jennish...which I just made alpha. This game has stood the test of time very well even still releasing new content for a new volume of players bench mark. Man this made my day 🤓

  • Daniel Schroeder

    I dipped back in when they ran that FF XV event, but quickly got lost. I finished the campaign from the initial release, and played through the content when they first had the character rank above SS. But shortly after that, too many new systems were introduced, and I couldn't keep up with it. So when I tried playing again a couple months ago, it was even crazier than I remembered, so it scared me off.

    I hope TB2 gets scaled back a bit, at least to start out with. I'm sure they'll have additional content to play while waiting for new chapters, but that kind of system had me bail on that Choices COYA game before I got to the end of the first story.

    As for other Terra Battle titles being in different genres, I'll just say it: I'll play Terra Battle Warriors from Koei.

    • Tychaeus

      Lol, I hear that..,i think ANYTHING that originates in Mistwalker's hands or is developed by Mistwalker is just instantaneous gold...period. There's an old DS game called Archaic Sealed Heat...Japan release only, but had such fandom someone fully translated it into english, I played it back when I had an android phone and DS emulator, and upon completion....kept playing haha. That game was my first intro to Mistwalker and I still adore that game....SRPG, but instead of single units or heroes, you had groups of 1-2 main character heroes along with some generic class fillers. The cinematics and storyline were very unique and was ahead of its time imho. Then when I got an Xbox 360.....I discovered Lost Odyssey....a seemingly hidden and under rated gem of an rpg, one of the first turn based I ever played that had action ques in attacks to get crits, extra dmg, or some other bonus. The story, theme, and story telling there was again amazing...unique, and in a league of its own. The team/man have amazing ideas that are always (far as I've known) a big success. One of my favs in the industry for sure. They always make something new and unique and usually never repeat themselves. If you like Terra battle at all, look into and try out some of his bigger console titles, I know for sure the ASH translation even already unpacked and attached to the rom is out there still. Makes me wanna revisit now that im talking about it 🤓

  • curtisrshideler

    I tried the first TB in the beginning, but would run out of energy rather quickly. Wasn't worth the F2P wait or cost. I imagine this will be the same.

    • Tychaeus

      I have 127 energy atm...it lasts quite a long while, plus they are some of THE most generous devs ive seen with free premium currency which beyond its MANY other functions can refill your energy or stamina...event give aways that you never even participated in, daily log in's and rewards for number of consecutive daily log ins, etc. you just need to give it more of a chance...but then again you may just have not been that enchanted by it I suppose.