Twitch Prime Will Get You Free ‘Hearthstone’ Loot and Support TouchArcade

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As we’ve talked about a few weeks back, Amazon Prime members have an easy and free way to support TouchArcade simply by linking their accounts to Twitch and, as Twitch Prime members, subscribe and support our Twitch channel for free. If that wasn’t enough reason to go ahead and get your Twitch Prime subscription, Blizzard is now giving you another one. Apparently, more free Hearthstone (Free) loot will be coming soon to all Twitch Prime members, although we have no details on what that loot might be. The image that you see below implies free packs, which would still be welcome.

If you remember correctly, back in September Blizzard offered the Tyrande Whisperwind hero to all those trying Twitch Prime, so between Tyrande and the upcoming loot, it’s a good time to be a Twitch Prime member if you like Hearthstone (or, of course, TouchArcade).

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