"More sales? More? Shaun, I only have so much money," you cry. But your pleas are for naught, my friends. You can't stop the sales. I can't stop the sales. No one can stop the sales. Well, I guess Tim Cook could stop the sales. But almost no one can stop the sales. As a dutiful documentarian of such things, I'm once again bringing you a list of notable sales you might want to check out. As before, I will add links to reviews where we have them available so you can get more information on each game.

Today's bunch includes:

There are some real goodies in there, depending on your tastes. As these are probably meant to be Memorial Day Weekend sales, you shouldn't drag your feet too long on them. Be sure to check out the sales posts for Tuesday and Wednesday as well, to avoid missing out on some killer deals that will likely come to an end by the start of next week. Provided another bunch drops in the next day, I'll be back again with another bag of treats for you all tomorrow.

  • gaymerX

    Nanuleu and MiniMetro. Must buys!

    • Far_Out

      Thank you for the tip on Nanuleu. I totally missed it and the video of gameplay looks like my kinda game