Just under four years ago, Rodeo Games in conjunction with Games Workshop released the turn-based strategy dungeon crawler Warhammer Quest [$2.99] which was quite positively received by players and went on to be a top seller. Well, you may remember about a year ago that the Rodeo Games team, following the disappointing reception of Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch [$1.99], decided to go on hiatus, and one of the founding members of Rodeo went on to form a new company called Perchang. So far that new studio has released the fantastic physics puzzler Perchang [$1.99], named after the company, but they're about to bring things full circle as Perchang the company has just announced Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times. Here's some screens.

As the official description for Warhammer Quest 2 goes, "A cataclysm was prophesied to bring about the end of the Old World. Now the forces of Chaos have begun their final assault and the last stand is coming. Heroes from all races and lands are venturing forth. Sworn enemies standing shoulder to shoulder fighting the daemons of the apocalypse. Proud warriors search for powerful artefacts to aid their lords in the coming war. Sorcerers toil for untold power, while Witch Hunters seek to settle long held scores. Dark Elf Assassins fill ledgers in blood and berserk Dwarf Slayers topple the mightiest of foes. These are the days of action and adventure. These are The End Times." Wow, that's some heavy stuff! All we really know about the game at this point, other than that description, is that the game is slated for an Autumn 2017 launch, but we'll be keeping on eye on this one and we'll let you know when more details on Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times drop.

  • HelperMonkey

    When I read the headline, a happy exclamation point popped up in my brain.
    The actual sound of that zap to my sleepy

    • HelperMonkey

      ..what I meant to say, before accidentally posting was:

      The sound that happy zap inside my brain made was literally "Perchang!"
      I've got to think that's a good sign.

      • speedyph

        Yea this is awesome

      • MarsMachine

        I wish I had a happy zap like that!

  • nam009

    The first one was so good....can't wait to play this.

  • iOSGamester1980

    What happened to Rodeo never really made sense. Two independent well regarded TBS games, two popular with thousands of positive AppStore reviews, and they go outta business.

    And the trajectory of new company is a cheap entry into a crowded genre followed by a sequel to one of the franchises that led their last company to ruin. What's next in this comeback strategy? Deathwatch 2?

    It's a bold strategy cotton, let's see how it plays out.

    • Michal Hochmajer

      My guess? Ambitious ahole in charge of the previous team?

      Less ambitious, but dedicated developer left company, made fantastic small game (Perchang) and once he established solid team and money income, want continue his work on his beloved series.
      Ol' business fairytale. 🙂

      Can't wait for another extraordinary turn-based strategy.
      Thank you, indies!!!

      • ScotDamn

        That's pretty much my guess as well.

    • DanRiverBrew

      They had 4 popular TBS. 2 with mainstream licensing from Games Workshop. If you haven't played Hunters 1&2 it's worth a download still

  • Qaioud


    Wehrhehrmehr quehrst!!!

    Sehrpehr ehrxcehrtehrd!!!!

    This is probably the oldest non-Kooistra game on my phone.

    • DanRiverBrew

      I still have Hunters 2 on my phone. Love that game too

      Instant buy when WHQ2 comes out

  • Paul Kohler

    I...this could be a geat thing, I hope it ends up that way, but it definitely will not be a day one instabuy for me...the prescription cream I have to apply to my backside after such a burn from Rodeo is far too expensive to have to double up on anytime soon. What REALLY irks me and baffles/makes my mind stutter in disbelief is....after releasing Deathwatch on steam (at like 15-20 dollars I might add..which is ok) and never posting nor updating the game since the day of release...NOW....go look on the PlayStation store...deathwatch AND Warhammer quest are being sold for...get this..SIXTY DOLLARS....SIXTY! SCREW those guys...or..whomever picked up those titles and put them up for sale on consoles for..again...SIXTY...DOLL HAIRS!
    That's $60 for each game....btw

    • Daniel Noah

      That's crazy, WHQ is at $30 on xbone, which is still way too much for an iPad port

      • Lickzy

        Maybe for you. If I had to, I'd drop 30 bucks right now to get this on iPad if it wasn't the first game I ever downloaded off the App Store. Worth every penny

    • Lickzy

      How do you feel you were burnt by DeathWatch? I enjoyed the game immensely and certainly got my money's worth

      • Tychaeus

        I felt the same pretty much about the iOS version, I was specifically talking about the steam version. As post launch from mobile trudged forward communication and devs etc just became more and more shady over time. They then made the "improved" version for steam....this was an awful joke and they literally released a horrible broken game and never commented,responded, patched, updated, etc etc this version. Now it's on PS store for a triple A price...$60! Hell a lot of triple A's might not be as expensive....there is NO way it's worth that price point.
        Also, mighta been wrong about WHQ, it was prolly 30 or 40, but....wtf....why is deathwatch 60? Steam community quickly took notice and everyone is absolutely baffled by this recent release and STILL not one single drop of support for the broken steam version. I am usually pretty forgiving and give a lot of benefit of the doubt...it's just very difficult to do so in this situation. But who knows, maybe the license for the game was sold off and someone else put it on the ps store and decided the price...it just all hurts my brain.

    • ScotDamn

      That's actually not 100% correct. Warhammer Quest is and has been since launch on PSN at $20. Deathwatch on the other hand is full retail price which I laugh at.

      • Tychaeus

        Yep, sorry bout that, my bad

  • El Barto

    Holy s**t!!! Can´t fu**ing wait!!!

  • Tom

    Massive fan of all the games Rodeo produced so great news to see the work being continued here. It doesn't specifically mention that its coming to mobile but I really hope it does as the Warhammer style gaming works so well on a touchscreen device like an ipad

  • OrangutanKungfu

    The original WHQ is one of those rare games where I happily splashed out on IAP for extra content, and applauded the developers for it. This is what IAP should be all about: a fair price for additional content, rather than for consumable currencies that offer a shortcut to actually playing the game. Hope this does well enough to keep Perchang alive, as they have shown they have nailed turn-based strategy games on touch formats.

  • joseph arthur

    GREAT to see.. is there a beta-test sign up? Been playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40k for a couple decades now.