Road Trip Time! At Long Last ‘Death Road to Canada’ is Now Available on the App Store

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I can think of plenty of times over the years that the excitement for the release of an iOS game has been palpable, and the wait for Death Road to Canada ($14.99) ranks right up there near the top. Ever since its initial announcement back in August of 2013, mobile gamers have been dying to take a road trip from Florida to Canada in the hopes of surviving and escaping the zombie apocalypse. Since then the game has actually launched on Steam and the reception there has been extremely positive from those who have played it. While it might have felt like mobile gamers were left out in the cold, the desktop launch of Death Road was actually a good thing as developers Rocketcat Games and Madgarden were able to squash a ton of initial bugs as well as add in tons of extra content, all of which has made it to the mobile release today.

Some of us TouchArcade folks have actually been playing the beta version of Death Road to Canada on iOS for a few months now, and can safely say that this is one of the best games we’ve ever played and will easily be in the Game of the Year running when December finally rolls around. Yes, it lives up to the hype! There’s so much variety and content that Death Road to Canada is the type of game you can play for years and still not get sick of. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting Death Road to Canada then I’m happy to say your wait is finally over, and if you’re new to the game I can only suggest reading our previous coverage or checking out the forum thread for some impressions from other players because this is going to be one people are talking about for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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