Gameloft has soft-launched a new game, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends. This action-RPG eschews direct character control for a simplified, mobile-friendly taps and swipes based system. Lots of loot is to be obtained, along with a system of building up a castle while attacking other players' fortifications. Also, you'll get to travel all throughout Europe and fight vampires in Transylvania! Neat!

Do note that once again, Gameloft is region-locking players who aren't actually in the soft launch region for the game. So if you're not in the Phillippines, you'll be left out of playing this one unless you bust out the trusty ol' VPN to get access. If you have that, you can read our guide to download soft launch games at this link, check out the forum thread to discuss and see impressions from our readers, and download the game from the link below:

Philippines App Store Link: Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

  • HippoHumper

    Icon and graphics remind me a bit of Wild Blood, an oft overlooked but solid Action RPG that I think was made by gameloft as well. (It was so long ago I downloaded it I can't remember for sure)

    • Qaioud

      Gameloft - lots of freemium titles.

      Burying lesser offerings, wholesale.

      Asphalt - super slick!

    • Qaioud

      A clever release. Opulent, scintillating, transcendental, iridescent, coruscating!

    • Qaioud

      My wife says I should just post "acrostic," bc this shizzle is way too subtle.

  • gsaint73

    The graphics are PS3 quality and the effects are beautiful. Runs at 60fps 1080p on my i7+ but even if I like how intuitive the controls are, I REALLY want traditional platformer controls and Mfi support. This title has the potential to be great. The graphics are better than 95% of Ps vita's games and is up there with the switch.

  • Muhammad Ginandjar

    Rip region locking no way gameloft turning into nintendo no way

  • jelafosse

    I'm in US, Downloaded but won't load because of region lock, What's a good VPN to try and get it to work like post suggests?, Or ideas? Thanks

  • WhoaManWtF

    Their last soft launched game hasn't come out yet either right? The Gangstar one

  • crazimen

    VPN Cat App Store

    • jelafosse

      Thanks, I figured it out!

  • Fırat Bakan Güler

    Is it only for iPhone? Is there any Android soft launch?

    • Raphael Alexander

      It will be soft launched on android very soon most likely.

  • Raphael Alexander

    Get wild blood instead of this free Shit.

  • Dominick Dominguez Tandaan

    Hello, im from PH and i cant connect nor link playgames account on any gameloft games. Im using vpn for my internet.
    Can anyone help/suggest? Thanks.