The Digital Adaptation of ‘Tokaido’ Has Just Journeyed to the App Store

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A few days ago, we wrote that the digital port of the popular board game Tokaido ($1.99) was almost upon us, and today the game is finally available. Tokaido has you traveling along the East Sea Road connecting Kyoto to Edo, stopping at the various stations along the way to buy souvenirs, taste the local cuisine, and meet interesting people. There’s a lot of emphasis on the joy of traveling and the experience of learning as you go along, which is a nice break from war-oriented board games. You’ll have to be quite strategic during your travels because the order of play goes from the one who’s farthest from the destination to the one who’s closer; in other words, you won’t just be traveling as fast as possible along the road.

The game maintains the clean design of the physical version but switches to 3D visuals, which should make it a treat for the eyes. The game is available on both phones and tablets and will set you back $6.99.

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