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‘Super Crossbar Challenge’ Looking for Testers in Our Forums

If you aren’t a fan of soccer, then you probably don’t know what the crossbar challenge is. Think of it as a three-point shooting contest but trying to hit one of the three goal posts and, usually, doing it from quite the distance. The upcoming Super Crossbar Challenge will be emulating these trick shots by having you try to hit the crossbar instead of actually trying to score. The gameplay’s pretty simple: you try to swipe at the right angle and with the right speed to keep hitting that bar. If you manage to perform bicycle kicks and volleys, you get even more coins. As it usually the case in games like this one, you can use your coins to unlock new characters and balls, some of which have bonuses that will help you hit the crossbar more easily.

If you enjoy skill-based arcade games like Super Crossbar Challenge, head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up for the beta test. The game should be releasing relatively soon, so even if you don’t want to join the beta, you should be able to play it in the near future.