While the big N has stated that their first mobile game release Super Mario Run [Free] wouldn't be getting major content updates during the course of its life, they've still been pretty active about updating the game in general and running new events and sometimes even adding new features, like the "Friendly Run" mode back in December and the "Loads of Coins" event a couple of weeks ago. Today they've gone and done it again by updating Super Mario Run not with actual new content but with a major tweaking to how the game works in an effort to appeal to those who find it too challenging. It's called "Easy Mode" and you'll get the option to replay a level in this new way once you've failed it at least once. Easy Mode removes the time limit and also gives you unlimited bubble redos, meaning you can die as often as you want and can take as much time doing so as you wish!

Here's the catch: You won't be able to keep any of the coins you've collected during Easy Mode. That goes for the colored coins as well as the regular golden coins, so don't go thinking you can quickly 100% the game now that Easy Mode has arrived. It's simply a way to allow people extra ways to familiarize themselves with the levels and practice before going back and doing them "for real." Any levels you beat in Easy Mode will remain "beaten", however, so you can use this as an opportunity to simply complete the game if you haven't been able to do so thus far.

This update also claims to have tweaked the Toad Rally mode so that you'll lose fewer Toads when you don't win a match, and you'll earn more Toads when you do win a match. Also, they've made the unlockable Toad character from the My Rewards section infinitely unlockable, in case you delete the game and don't have your progress backed up somewhere you'll be able to download him again.

Even if Nintendo doesn't plan on adding any more actual levels or content to Super Mario Run, I'm glad they're at least making tweaks like this so that a wider audience can enjoy their game. Of course, if they ever change their mind and want to add a bunch of new levels or something, well, I wouldn't complain.

  • Mrbestapps

    easy mode... EASY MODE? WHAT? Wasn't the game easy enough? I deleted the game over a month ago because of how easy it was. Took pretty much no effort to collect all the coins and beat the game, and now they make it even easier? Where's my "hard" mode? Cool to see that they're still updating it though, even with useless features no one wants.

    • God's Grundle

      "This new thing doesn't interest me" = "useless feature no one wants."

      • Mrbestapps

        No one asked for easy mode, the game was already easy enough. Instead of listening to everyone's feedback, they added a feature which will only help kids.

      • NaeemTHM

        Look I get that you're a total iOS gaming badass that 180 no scopes all the noobs on Call of Duty Zombies or whatever the hell the kids are playing on iPhone's now; but this game is hard for many people.

        Out of the 7 friends/famliy I have that installed the game, 5 of them stopped playing because they said it was simply too hard.

        Maybe step back from the edge a little there Mr. Best Apps. We don't need to freak out every time a dev does an update you don't agree with.

      • Mrbestapps

        I'm not even that good at games. I just find it funny that instead of actually adding something new, they add a feature which will only help 1% of the players. Whatever, what was I hoping for? Can't wait for the new slow motion help next update for people who still find the game way too hard!

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        [Citation Needed] on that 1% figure.

      • Nathan Reinauer

        I've been playing Mario since the original when I was a kid. Some of the black and purple coins are pretty challenging even for me. They wouldn't throw this in for no reason; I'm sure a lot of feedback has been about some parts of the game being too difficult.

      • Andy C83

        On my YouTube channel there are LOADS of people complaining about how difficult collecting the black coins are. I could see this Easy mode being useful for people having trouble collecting the coins in a certain level and using it as a kind of practice mode.

      • God's Grundle

        So you're saying a mode that will assist the main demographic of people playing the game isn't a good addition? WHAT? When you sit down at your computer to leave a comment do you crack your knuckles and say, "Oh man, people are never going to believe how dumb THIS comment is going to be!"

      • Mrbestapps

        I guess I was just expecting something new and cool, not an easy mode on an already easy game. Now I understand what they meant by "no more content updates" they're just going to polish the experience for players, and not add anything new.

      • Sick of Labour

        I suspect they added easy mode based on telemetry from all the people playing the game. Super Mario Maker shows you exactly where and how often people die in your levels, I suspect this is built into Run as well and Nintendo can see people are struggling with the game.

    • Whitey_83

      You seem to be mad online. Are you mad online?

  • toofinedog

    Sounds like a great way to get all those black coins I've been too lazy to try to get.

    • cowtruck123

      Did you read the article?

  • gakuka

    Toad Rally was my biggest problem with this game. Losing Toads cut down on the fun for me. I admit very much that I am a middle of the road gamer, I lost more than I won, so I just didn't play that and focused on the game, which was fun but yes I did think it was hard to get those black coins so I stopped that as well. With these updates I'm definitely going to pick it up again and give it a try!

    I realize some people are going to insult me for sucking at a Mario game and am fully prepared for it :).

  • Saraz Works

    Since the update the game is not giving me the toads I earn!!!!

  • bilboad

    If you read the article, you'll see that any coins collected during an easy mode run don't get recorded. So you can collect all the black coins or set a new gold coin record, but the game will "forget" about it at the end of the run. It's basically just a practice mode, and doesn't compromise the achievements in the game.

  • Reignmaker

    I liked it. I let my 4 year old play it frequently, not sure he needs easy mode but I'm sure he'll appreciate the thought when I point it out to him next time.

  • Spore Productions

    Golden Goomba event! They've come up with a way to lure bored players back into Tour mode. (It's a shame they don't announce it via notifications though).