There are many (too many?) CCGs on the App Store right now, so it's not that easy for new ones to stand out. The upcoming Fightlings is trying to bring in some Pokemon GO flavor in order to give us a game unlike most other CCGs. Specifically, Fightlings has you discovering new creatures by collecting resources while walking around in the real world (no AR technology, though) and then using those resources to creatures and compete with other players. The resources you find depend not only on your location but also on time, weather, and other similar factors.

I like the idea of combining a real-world exploration component to a PvP CCG. The actual fighting part looks fun too, with each deck playing differently. Of course that part remains to be seen since balancing games like these is quite tricky. The game is currently in soft launch in the Netherlands (use our soft-launch account guide if you need help), and you can find out more about it - and join the betain our Upcoming Games forum thread.

  • Von Strubel

    Trailer was shot in Berlin, some of the locations can also been seen in Captain America Civil War... 😀