‘WWE SuperCard’ Season 3 Brings Real-Time PvP Mode and More

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WWE SuperCard (Free) has been quite successful with over 11 million downloads in 2 years and pretty good ratings on the App Store. Now 2K is teasing Season 3, which should be coming to the game this November. Season 3 will bring more than 100 new cards and three new card tiers, a ranked PvP mode where players will fight it out every month, and, more interestingly, a new Royal Rumble mode that brings real-time gameplay to the series for the first time. In Royal Rumble you can put 15 of yours cards against 15 of your opponent’s and let them battle it out to see which one will remain standing at the end.

If you’ve been playing the game for the last two seasons, your Season 1 cards will become Legacy cards and will be available for play in the new Wild Mode while Season 2 Cards will be playable in all Season 3 game modes. The update should come out next month barring any chairs on the heads of the referee

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