HyperBeard Releases ‘Alchademy’ and Updates ‘KleptoCats’ with New Pop Culture Cats

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HyperBeard Games has released their latest title after their hit KleptoCats (Free): today, Alchademy (Free) is available on iOS and Android. Similar to KleptoCats, Alchademy is very much an idle game, but with a Doodle God ($0.99) twist here. You combine various ingredients, waiting for them to combine in your cauldron, trying to find new combinations, and getting rewards for finding new combos. Along the way, you will unlock specific creations to add to your collection, and get new characters to mix with. This is a nice, casual game for just kind of messing around with.

Meanwhile, KleptoCats from HyperBeard has also been updated. Most notably, there are a bunch of new cats, including a bunch of new pop culture references:

As well, there’s a new mini-game, and a new room to play in. What dark, sinister mysteries will this room have?

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