If you remember a few months back, Apple announced that iOS 10 would bring ReplayKit Live to your devices, and we are now officially in the ReplayKit Live era. If you don't know what that is, ReplayKit allows games to stream live to the internet, and Mobcrush [Free] is one of the first streaming services that works with ReplayKit Live (as long as it's built into the game). According to the Mobcrush blog post, developers can now very easily add live streaming to their games with only a few lines of additional code. I think it's fair to say that this is a pretty big moment for mobile gaming because it's the first time we are getting effortless live streaming from mobile devices.


How does it work? First you make sure you have Mobcrush installed. Then you tap the little camera icon on the game's screen, pick Mobcrush from the list of apps, name your broadcast, and you are up and running. It's really that simple. Of course, developers will have to first implement ReplayKit, but it looks to be easy enough that developers will be going for it. A brave new world, everyone.

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Very nice! Hope it sees wide adoption by devs.

    • cchy_dee

      I really hope it does.

  • 김지 킫밸

    Is there no list of games that support this yet?

    • audiotaku

      Hoping one materialises in the forums soon.

    • Zerol3onheart

      Buddyman Run
      Hungry Babies Mania
      Lock the Block
      Olympus Rising
      Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City
      Summoners Fantasy
      Tower Dash

      • 김지 킫밸

        Thank you!

      • http://www.uppercut-games.com UppercutEd

        Sorry, but Submerged sure doesn't support it yet. We are in fact trying to get it working for an update as I type.

      • Xin Zhao

        Add Pixel Starships to the list

    • raresloth

      We're adding it to King Rabbit in the Nov. 17 update. 🙂

      • 김지 킫밸

        Thank you!

  • araczynski

    About the only time I think this would be neat is if I could watch a recorded game play through, so I don't have to waste my time grinding or money paying.

    Probably not the intent of the kit, but alas, I have no use for watching others playing a game live.