‘Checkmate!’ by BorderLeap Brings Chess to iMessage in iOS 10

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to play a game with somebody that was not in the same general area as you, the best way to do so was to play chess by mail. You think dealing with modern internet lag is bad, try lag over weeks thanks to mail services. And your game might end if correspondence got lost! Sad! Thankfully, modern internet technologies have made it such that ifour ping ever hits triple digits in milliseconds, we curse every engineer ever for being so incompetent. But BorderLeap is here to bring you back to the days of chess by mail by way of new iOS 10 features, with Checkmate! ($0.99) This allows you to play a game of chess with someone via iMessage.


To start up a game of chess with Checkmate, you use the new App Store icon in iMessage, with updates on moves in the game being sent via iMessage. Finally, you can combine the asynchronous play of chess with the waiting of chess by mail. But before, you couldn’t find out if your opponent was stalling at all – read receipts mean you’ll know they’ve seen your clever gambit, and are stewing over it. Haha! Technology makes everything better, except for when it makes things worse! Checkmate is $0.99, and your games will sync up across your various devices.

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