Working from home has an ton of awesome perks, but it comes with an incredibly significant downside: Your entire day's productivity is tied to your internet connection cooperating. We had some bad storms this morning, which knocked my whole area offline. I've been getting doing as much as I can via my abysmal AT&T cellular connection, but that just doesn't work for podcasting. Comcast still doesn't seem to have a solid ETA on when we're going to be back online, so, to have something in the podcast feed I figured we'd feature another rewind episode.

When we originally started the podcast, it was an odd interview format filled with people who had never really podcasted before. Scheduling conflicts eventually made it pretty difficult to keep up, and it slowly dwindled. When Brad Nicholson joined TouchArcade, he brought his experience with hosting the Destructoid podcast, Podtoid, and rebooted our podcast as a weekly thing. Since then, barring a few weeks (like this one) where weird stuff comes up that prevents recording, we've been following the format Brad brought to the table for over five years now.

Here's how Brad originally introduced the new podcast:

We’re back! In this week's episode, The Bearded One, Jared Nelson, talks up Bumpy Road, Touchgrind BMX, and Mos Speedrun. Eli Hodapp discusses cat games, and I deliver some details about the Infinity Blade update and the third episode of Back to the Future. We also delve into the i3D thing, as well the Minecraft-coming-to-Android story that made the rounds before closing out the hour.


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We'll be back next week, with another regular episode of The TouchArcade Show, but hopefully you guys can enjoy this blast from the past and pour one out for Brad Nicholson.

  • Jared Nelson
  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Brad really got on my nerves, but if he helped make the podcast into a regular thing, maybe he's not so bad after all.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    What a week for the internet to die, with Skyfish, Leap of Fate, Deus Ex GO and Hero Generations all out! Not to mention the Jade Empire news. Nice to get a glimpse from the past, though.

  • midgettosschamp

    Sorry guys, I'm not a fan of the rebooted model. I actually liked the boring Eli hour just fine. You guys do a great job, but the vibe just feels different. While Brad's style is great, it is a jarring difference from Eli's laid-back nature. Thanks for all you do guys and I look forward to seeing how this podcast evolves!

    • midgettosschamp

      Damn, I just read through the post and feel like an idiot, this was a rewind. Keep up the good work!