Back in March during GDC we were treated to a nice demo of Dan the Man, an action platformer from Halfbrick that is based on the awesome web series of the same name. I've always loved those web cartoons, and it was hard not to want to simply play through a game that was just like it. Well, that's exactly what Dan the Man is! It takes place just after the last episode of the web series and puts you in the shoes of Dan himself (or his significant other, Josie!) as he tries to fight back against the oppressive monarchy who is using townspeople as slaves to power the kingdom. Here's the last episode of the web series which sets the stage for Dan the Man the video game.

The game has actually been in soft-launch on Android as far back as GDC, and for a while I was playing a beta version of the game for iOS and really, really enjoying it. That beta version has long expired though, so I'm happy to see that Dan the Man has soft-launched on iOS in at least Australia and New Zealand, and possibly other territories. This game has been a long time coming and this seems like a sign that it's finally approaching an official release. So if you're interested in checking this out, bust out one of your foreign iTunes accounts or use our guide and make yourself one and give the soft-launched version of Dan the Man a try, and be sure to see what people are saying about it in our forums.

International iTunes Link: Dan the Man, Free (Universal)

  • Quazonk

    Out in Canada! 🇨🇦

  • Delusionaltool

    Omg it looks incredible!!! Hahah the movie i just watched was ridiculous

  • iTester

    Incredible , awesome . Best game of this year

  • nini

    From one episode of Dan the Man, I'm thinking "great". That it's Halfbrick leaves me feeling a bit uninterested.

  • smiffee666

    WOW, that is all 🙂

  • boydstr

    What a fantastic game trailer lol........hope the game can create the same feeling in gameplay.

  • Biggavelli

    This game is GREAT!!!... It's Halfbrick Studios at its best. ios must have.

  • t3chnoboy

    Amazing game out in singapore

  • boydstr

    How long it takes from soft launch to a worldwide release or is that something that the developers decide for themselves?

    • CarlRJ

      The latter. The developers or publishers soft-launch to see how well the game goes over, to see if it needs any tweaks (if everyone hates the level 3 boss, maybe you rework it a little), to flush out any bugs that need to be fixed, to have time to finish translations for other countries, to ensure any possible back-end server issues are worked out, and sometimes to generate buzz in the larger markets where they have not yet launched. Could be hours, days, weeks, or months. Once in a long while, something in soft-launch _never_ comes out worldwide (not likely here).

  • rhinofinger

    This looks great, can't wait!

  • QuarterSwede

    Incredible trailer/short for the game. Really hoping the gameplay is at least half as fun.

  • CarlRJ

    I don't like side-scrolling platformers as a rule (I know that makes me weird), but this one is pretty amazing looking. Less about memorizing a long series of jumps, and more about participating in a story. I'm impressed.