Disappointing news for anyone who was expecting the sequel to Evoland [$1.99] to hit mobile – the developers have confirmed on Twitter that Evoland 2 won't be hitting mobile after all. While the existence of the mobile version was up in the air to begin with – and the original Evoland took a while to hit mobile anyway – the developers at Shiro Games say that the sequel is too long and complex to release on mobile:

Now, as our own Shaun Musgrave pointed out, those reasons alone seem a bit suspect – there's plenty of lengthy and complex games on mobile. Perhaps this is just a diplomatic way of saying that "Evoland 2 is too much work right now for a studio of our size to release on mobile" considering how many genres the game incorporates, versus "it is literally impossible to release this game on mobile." Or it could be "We think it's more worth our while to focus on the console versions right now." Or that the game just can't run on current mobile hardware.

Evoland 2

Perhaps the mobile version didn't do well enough. Considering the Android version has sold 10,000-50,000 copies, even if they were all at the current $0.99 sale price that's not a bad haul for a mobile adaptation of a game that was a couple years old at that point. But hey, at least Shiro Games was right when they said after our writeup on Evoland 2 that they were making a decision after the PC version came out. And I get why it might not come out, it's just disappointing to hear.

Heck, maybe we need to just check back in a couple of years, when Shiro would love to extend the long tail of Evoland 2, and perhaps more powerful mobile devices would make a mobile port worth their while. Until then, if you want to play the original Evoland or vote with your wallet for Shiro Games to find a way, the game's on sale for $0.99.

  • fabianb

    Length of the game, as a reason to not release it on mobile?

    This cracks my brains.

    • Themagicjesus

      You ignored gameplay. There are tons of PC games that absolutely would not work with tapping on a phone.

      • fabianb

        Well I get that, but why the length reason.

      • Anonymous

        Umm, the storyline is longer, yknow...

      • Jake7905

        So you don't own a tablet?

    • InTheAir

      It's probably just the potential data size. Evoland 2 is probably going to break even the 6 GB mark set by Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

  • spader623

    It's probably A. Too much work and or not worth the work it would be.

    • curtisrshideler

      I agree. Just wish they would say that anyway. FFIX or KOTOR seem like complicated ports, but they have been pulled off flawlessly imho.

      • spader623

        I'd guess they just want it to be a nicer answer rather then 'mobile sucks screw you guys' which some people would see the 'honest' answer as

  • 61050

    perhaps english isnt the developers first language. i know stuff can get lost in translation sometimes. i can tap an icon on my phone and play final fantasy nine right now though. i doubt this game is "too complex for mobile"

  • LordShad0wz

    Then unfortunately I won't be buying it in Steam just to prove a point.

    • spader623

      And what point would that be?

      • Jakeopp


      • Derrythe

        That if he can't have fun with a game on his iPad, he's going to punish no one but himself by not letting himself have fun with it anywhere else.

    • DuckingGold

      Such a renegade.

  • gleeclub


  • mcorleonep

    Well I'm sure it could run on my new iPad Pro but I believe the reason why it won't go mobile is memory space. This game meshes a lot of gaming genres into one so they figure many wouldn't download it due to space limitations.

  • ImJPaul

    Business ploy. It'll be out...and I'll be there to say I told you so. Watch. Just watch.

    • DuckingGold

      Then you suck at business.

  • DrlRage

    The trailer is saw for Evoland 2 is so amazing! My brain got fried processing how much goodness I was seeing. I just bought Evoland on mobile a couple days ago after playing it on the computer before. I wanted to play it again because it's like a Pokedex of all RPGs. A history lesson and a nostalgia trip combined!
    If I like either Evoland on mobile or Evoland 2 on Steam then I'm sorry Shiro Games...all this talk about not porting it to mobile goes out the window, you're doing it!! Just have someone else port it....simple.

  • Anova

    Just saw the trailer, looks incredible.

    Selling for $20 on steam. I'd say this is more a case of "we don't want to give away our hard-made product for $3 and have people whine about not being able to try it before buying."

  • rezn

    I bought it on Steam a few weeks after it came out. I just couldn't wait. It was some of the best money I've spent on a Steam game. It is a decent size for the price. But it's also so much more than the original. The Evoland series will be something my kids tell their kids about. Such a Zelda like game with its own unique twist that makes it a standout game for me. Easily one of my top 10 games of the year.

  • lemessie

    Then too sad it didn't come to ios :(!

  • imuddy

    Aka, we do not have the resources and confidence in our profitability to make a mobile version.

  • Jake7905

    Simple: they didn't make squat on the first game's mobile release, so why repeat that mistake? Maybe if the second gets enough attention, we'll see a mobile release.

  • boydstr

    I was looking in some older TA articles and there was a real cool trailer for an upcoming iOS games it was called "LA Cops" and this was in 2014,is this game canceled?

  • Rain1dog

    That truly does suck.... As Evoland was one of the very best games I've played on mobile in such a long long long long time. Plus I played it around Xmas time so I have some fond memories while enjoying such a fantastic game.

    Truly sad news.

  • musicalmac

    Same reason why we don't have other long and complex PC games like X-Com, Grand Theft Auto 3 and sequels, Avadon, Bastion, Terrerria, Minecraft—oh wait...

  • akridge

    Seems a bit of a guess?

    • fabianb

      You can see how many times a game is downloaded, and that usually says between 10.000-50.000 or for example 50.000-100.000. It's what Google Play shows at least.

  • Edmilan

    Length and complexity? Isn't FF9, XCOM and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite even more complex and lengthy? Or how about FF7? Vainglory is also complex

  • Stetch

    So long and complex? ... Heard of Final Fantasy 9? Sure I get that they are a small studio.

  • bestkevin

    Dam... I was so waiting for this!!! DX

  • Press2Play

    Ok I'll just wait for Crashland 2 (if ever) that's more worth it.

  • delirium38

    It's all about the money, mobile might be the biggest baddest kid in town, but sadly when it comes to premium games we're on the loosing side.
    Articles like these will come more frequent and is just something we will have to accept.
    I wish it was different and that people spend all those FTP billions on premium games. Pretty sure we would be getting a whole lot more love.
    Companies go where the money is, simple as that and boycotting them because of it just dumb. What company would sell their product for a fraction of the price to a limited group of people when they can sell it full price somewhere else and make a good buck?

  • Anonymous

    Hiya, you look guys complaining. I'm not. What they said "length" of the game? That because storyline is long, longer than 8 hours. Somehow, it said "too much work" is what they said. It means programming too long and large, this changed on game like pixel into 3D by Magilith. Also storage too large than 4GB.

  • Dave Brame

    there are Android versions of half life 2, portal, doom 3, and most recently borderlands 2 and the presequal. i HATE when devs use this excuse to cop out of mobile gaming. mobile is perfectly able to handle as much as a ps vita or beyond and as long as we keep accepting this excuse then mobile gaming will forever be a land of casual cash grab bs.

    if you want my respect dev be honest. say it's beyond your skillset, budget, or means but don't blame the tech. that's a good way to look stupid.

    mobile gaming can be SO much more than what it currently is and when you do this you are being part of the problem and not the solution. mobile has the potential to introduce non gamers to the vast world of gaming beyond their phone and evoland is the godsend gateway game to bridge this gap. mobile doesn't want your game, it NEEDS it

    • TrumpOwnsYou

      You're not a smart person are you? Obviously not! Yea android operating system can handle gaming, guess what? The hardware can't you moron! You lost borderlands but yet borderlands wasn't ported to android to be ran on mobile, it was ported for the Nvidia Shield TV! Do you understand the difference between an android gaming console & an android phone/tablet? Well for one an android gaming console needs not worry about battery life. The hardware can run at higher speeds. Every single android phone/tablet is different, understand? That means developers spend countless time making an app/game work on numerous devices. Mobile phone gaming isn't big enough to make a profit. Google may say that a game has sold 50,000 times but the facts are they really only sold 5,000 or less. The numbers on google are complete bullshit. How about instead of trolling you do some research!

      • http://www.facebook.com/deathwhitch Deathwhitch

        I've run the Android version of doom 3 and borderlands on a shield tablet, shield portable, rooted galaxy tab and my rooted droid turbo 2 (that's a phone btw) Don't insult my intelligence son you'll only look foolish. The tech can handle it. The devs just don't want to do it and needed an excuse. Simple as that

  • Jamessmooth

    I’m checking back since it’s been a few years and yay it’s coming! How fun.