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‘Evoland 2’ Developers Confirm Game Won’t Release on Mobile

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Disappointing news for anyone who was expecting the sequel to Evoland ($2.99) to hit mobile – the developers have confirmed on Twitter that Evoland 2 won’t be hitting mobile after all. While the existence of the mobile version was up in the air to begin with – and the original Evoland took a while to hit mobile anyway – the developers at Shiro Games say that the sequel is too long and complex to release on mobile:

Now, as our own Shaun Musgrave pointed out, those reasons alone seem a bit suspect – there’s plenty of lengthy and complex games on mobile. Perhaps this is just a diplomatic way of saying that “Evoland 2 is too much work right now for a studio of our size to release on mobile" considering how many genres the game incorporates, versus “it is literally impossible to release this game on mobile." Or it could be “We think it’s more worth our while to focus on the console versions right now." Or that the game just can’t run on current mobile hardware.

Evoland 2

Perhaps the mobile version didn’t do well enough. Considering the Android version has sold 10,000-50,000 copies, even if they were all at the current $0.99 sale price that’s not a bad haul for a mobile adaptation of a game that was a couple years old at that point. But hey, at least Shiro Games was right when they said after our writeup on Evoland 2 that they were making a decision after the PC version came out. And I get why it might not come out, it’s just disappointing to hear.

Heck, maybe we need to just check back in a couple of years, when Shiro would love to extend the long tail of Evoland 2, and perhaps more powerful mobile devices would make a mobile port worth their while. Until then, if you want to play the original Evoland or vote with your wallet for Shiro Games to find a way, the game’s on sale for $0.99.

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