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‘Evoland 2’ Will Shift Gameplay Genres and Visual Styles All in One Game

Shiro Games’ most well-known game is Evoland ($2.99), a pastiche of RPGs throughout gaming history, utilizing a vast array of visual styles throughout. Few games start as chunky 2D pixels and go to full 3D visuals, but that’s what Evoland did. And that is what Evoland 2 is going to do, but this time exploring a whole array of game genres outside of just RPGs. Fighting games, shoot ’em ups, turn-based strategy, and more will be involved, all with varying visual styles. Check out the new trailer:

Shiro Games hasn’t definitively said one way or the other whether this is bound for mobile. We’ve reached out to find out if it will be. Currently, they’re only taking preorders for a Windows version, but since the original Evoland just came out on mobile this year, it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that this will come to mobile too. If we find out anything, we’ll let you know! Regardless, the whole mixture looks fascinating, and I’m kind of excited to play this no matter what!

Update: We’ve heard back from Shiro Games, and they’re currently undecided on a mobile release, but that they’ll be making a decision after the PC version comes out in a few months.