If you've been impatiently waiting for the sequel to last year's excellent puzzle platformer Furdemption [$2.99], you don't have much longer to wait as the game is heading to the App Store on March 24th, just a couple of weeks from now. Hooray! You may have seen our previous coverage of Furdemption 2, but in case you haven't heard, that's not even the name of the game anymore. For reasons developer Raresloth pointed out on its blog last month, the game formerly known as Furdemption 2 is now known as King Rabbit. Check out the brand new launch trailer.

As you can see, King Rabbit isn't straying too far from what made the original game so great. There are still lots of fiendishly designed levels to complete, but this time with new environments and lots of new traps to deal with. King Rabbit will also be 99¢ with no energy systems or life restrictions, though there will be optional IAP items like hints, a time-slowing special ability, and Diamonds, which unlock levels but can also be earned during normal play. I'm not crazy about the new name King Rabbit, and I feel like it's a waste of all the equity built up in the Furdemption name thanks to the success of the first game, but naming aside I absolutely can't wait for this next evolution of one of my favorite games of 2015.

  • ZeeMonkeyMan

    King rabbit?? What the...why?

    • raresloth

      In short terms - easier to communicate the name of the game. Easier to spell, translate, market, sell.

      • ste86uk

        Surely if Furdemtion is that hard for someone to spell they must be that dumb they don't earn enough to own an iOS device anyway? Spelt like it sounds

      • raresloth

        Oh the irony, you just misspelled it! Don't feel bad, I do it all the time.

        Please consider people who aren't native English speakers. <3

      • David Cupples

        Absolutely Hilarious.

      • sakara214ever

        lollllll sometimes it is better not to talk at all. LMAO

      • Deckard74

        This is the most unintentionally hilarious Internet comment of the year so far and such a dumb thing to get het up about! Good luck with King Rabbit raresloth, if it builds upon Furdemption it will be nothing less than a masterpiece.

      • raresloth


      • ZeeMonkeyMan

        No worries, sounds fair. Great games by the way!

  • spader623

    Yeah name seems kinda... Generic but the game looks good, I should really play the first more *looks at it just sitting there8

  • dancj

    That's an easy day-one buy!

  • ste86uk

    I'll still get it but prefer the old name still, much better. Sorry buddy : (

  • nini

    That is an odd rename choice, you'd think there'd be value in using Furdemption over King Rabbit if only because searching for

    • nini

      *searching for proper noun titles in the App Store is just terrible. Also, it's no longer a sequel so it's like wanting a broader audience who's keyword searching.

  • robfractures

    Should have called it Fur King Hell 😉

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Lmao this is the comment of the year so far.

  • TheCosmicBadger

    The beta was great, looking forward to reading more about it 🙂

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    how about King Wabbit? (I love making reference XD)