telltaleAs you can probably tell by my recent reviews, I like Telltale games quite a lot, mostly for their heavy narrative focus and lack of traditional puzzles. While not all the company's games reach the same heights, I'm willing to try any game Telltale develops. Recently, Telltale co-founder and CEO, Kevin Bruner, talked in an interview about the future of the company and provided some more information about the much-anticipated Batman game. Currently, the company is trying to expand its genres and its range, going from horror games to games appropriate for the whole family (like Minecraft: Story Mode). At the same time, it's trying to become more consistent in delivering the various episodes, something I know many of you will be happy to see. With a Marvel and a Batman game on the way, it's safe to say that Telltale is also jumping into the superhero genre head first.

The Batman game is looking fantastic according to Bruner, and while he couldn't get into more details, he did say that the game is unlike any other Batman game out there since it really explores all aspects of the character, not just the "fighting in the suit" side of him. There will be a lot of subplots to explore, and some impactful choices. This will be the peak of the mountain for Telltale so far, Bruner said, and I hope they can pull it off because there's an army of fans ready to pounce if they fail. I have faith in the company, so fingers crossed. We should hear more details about the Batman game at SXSW on March 18th at 4:30 CST. The whole panel will be streamed live here, so tune in if you want to learn more about Telltale's treatment of the Dark Knight.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 1Currently, the company is working on finishing Minecraft: Story Mode and The Walking Dead: Michonne as well as Game of Thrones Season 2 and The Walking Dead Season Three. Closing the interview, Bruner said that what he'd love to do is a Telltale Star Wars game, a James Bond game, and even turn The Shining into a game (Jack will remember that). I would love to see all three of those (huge Stephen King fan) and even more. I just hope Telltale doesn't forget to improve its game engine so its narratives don't get overshadowed by stuttering and similar tecnical issues. And I could do without any quicktime events, but that might be just me. Stay tuned for more info on Batman on the 18th, and if you want to read the whole interview, go here.

  • Dankrio

    I am really looking forward to anything they do. Day 1 purchase for their games.

  • Dankrio

    I would love an upgrade to the engine if Ipads can still keep up with them.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Really looking forward to this one. I really hope the flesh out his detective work and aspects of living a double life.

  • stelluhreyesthis

    100% agree with them updating their engine, they should have did it a long time ago. They make great narratives, but what's going to convince them to update the engine? it becomes more obvious with every release how old it is .

    • DenzilofDojima

      Agreed. Their greatest strength is their ability to weave a compelling narrative with branching paths (no easy task) but the engine is really showing its age. The animations are particularly dreadful by modern standards (action scenes especially), if not a brand new engine investing money in improving this aspect would go a long way. Since the engine is nicely scalable for low to medium> end hardware I'm guessing they'll be sticking with it a while longer though.

      • Dankrio

        I would hate if I couldn't play on my Ipad air anymore...

  • Zendorphin

    I'd love American Horror Story, BTTF Season 2 and maybe something set in the Breaking Bad universe set before or around that plot.