That ‘Crashlands’ Dev Diary Video Series is Being Expanded into a Feature Length Documentary Called ‘Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story’

braceforimpactlogoBack in November of last year, St. Lous-based production company Forever an Astronaut announced that they would be creating a series of behind-the-scenes Dev Diary videos on developer Butterscotch Shenanigans and the creation of their latest project Crashlands ($6.99). As you are probably aware, Bscotch’s own Sam Coster was involved in a tough battle with cancer prior to and during the development of Crashlands, something which Sam himself wrote about in a guest post here nearly a year ago. It’s an absolute must-read if you haven’t already, and in fact even if you have it’s worth reading again. The story of the 3 Bscotch brothers and Crashlands is fantastic, and makes total sense as a documentary series.

Well, we’ve found out this week that the story was so epic it’s actually grown beyond the bounds of a developer diary series and now Forever an Astronaut is planning on making a full-blown feature length documentary called Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story. Given how much I enjoyed the teaser video released back in November, I’m thrilled that the project is growing into something even bigger than originally planned. Forever an Astronaut has put together another short trailer which you can see right here.

It sounds like the team at Forever Astronaut has more than enough footage to tell their story, but there is some post-production work that needs to be done and as such they’ll be running a Kickstarter towards the end of the month to help finance that part of the project. According to the film’s official website, it’s about 60% complete at this time but they’re still expecting to be able to wrap up production sometime during 2016.

Obviously since we last talked about this in November Crashlands has actually been finished and released to an overwhelmingly positive reception, including our own 5 star review. It’ll likely be a very serious contender for Game of the Year when 2016 comes to a close, and Sam Coster has since finished his cancer treatments and continues to be cancer-free today. It’s a fitting, happy ending to such a harrowing tale, and I can’t wait to watch it in documentary form when Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story is finished sometime this year.