It's been taking the soft-launch world by storm, and although Supercell has been relatively quiet about its worldwide launch it appears that today is the day that Clash Royale [Free] is finally seeing a wide release. Just moments ago the game popped up in the US App Store, and although it's a bit impossible to check every region you should probably hop over and check if it's in your local App Store as well.

We've been following along with Clash Royale since it soft-launched in select regions early this year, and it's seen quite a few updates and changes in the time since then. Most recently a significant update hit just a couple of days ago, perhaps in preparation for it's full release today. I've never really seen so many people go out of their way to get in on a soft-launch like this, and in turn I don't think I've ever seen such a positive reaction to a free to play game like this.

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I haven't been playing myself, but now that it's out in the US it might just be time to get in on the Clash Royale bandwagon. You can grab the game for free and give it a look yourself, and be sure to check out the forum thread to talk strategies about what's sure to be another huge hit from Supercell.

  • Drexiel

    At the moment when i try to download it says "no longer available"

    • ODMay

      Try hard-reseting your device. Hold the power and home buttons until it turn off. Release them when it turn back on.

      • rezn

        I usually just clear the App Store cache. But that never works either. They're just set to a specific time. Will probably work in a few hours. Used to be midnight for PST. But that isn't very common anymore either.

      • Stabaath

        I tried that and it didn't work. It will be fixed soon.

    • PallaZ

      This is what worked for me:
      -Log onto your iTunes on PC
      -Download CR
      -Sync your device
      -Be happy

  • c9996

    Same here

  • Paul Ash

    Do you know how to transfer NZ Clash Royale account to other country? I am afraid to erase all my progress...

    • c9996

      Just make sure you're signed in with game center and you should be able to delete it and download it from the country you want which you should keep your progress

      • YaoYao

        If you're lucky enough to have a working Game Center...

  • Jakeopp

    Now we can enjoy being beat by goblin barrelers from all over the world! Oh the joy!

    • PallaZ

      Just use arrows a friction of a second before they land. You kill all goblins and are 1 elixir ahead now.

    • Mr_ C_

      That is such an easily counter-able card. Don't complain about it out loud - just makes you look like a nub.

      • Jakeopp

        I'm kidding lol

  • Andy Clarke

    Just downloading from the UK App Store. There has been so much written about this game, hopefully it lives up to the hype!

    • Mark Cee

      UK app store too. Yeah interesting to see how good it is.

  • Cacheelma

    People use this buffalos knight against me. As a new player you have no chance... So I'm screwed because I didn't play the soft-launch?


    • Rahul Mazumdar

      If you mean the hog, use defensive towers to distract them. Even tombstone works. For Prince, use Skeleton Army to slow them down. Hope this helps.

    • KeKhan

      To counter the knight, use tombstone. Or distract with any low elixir cards while your tower mows them down.
      Everything is counter able.

      • KeKhan

        I mean Prince, not knight

      • DemoEvolved

        Skellies beat knight with bones to spare

    • Mr_ C_

      You will get matched against players based on your rating. Unless you're shooting for the top of the leaderboards (hint: that would cost thousands$$) you'll get matched mostly against players who you can beat with some experience and skill.

      • nini

        Weren't we told last week that it won't? It'll get you near it but you still gotta be good to actually stay there.

  • speedyph

    Great game πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ

  • Dema9o9ue

    Join California Gold for any West Coast players! See you in the arenas!

  • athros

    Well. I suck. Fun game though πŸ™‚

  • ffaust

    Had hoped some of the frustrations would be improved, doesn't look that way.

  • mcgee318

    So far the game is awesome. Lots of fun.

  • Herbert Derps

    I'm one of the few here that didn't create a soft launch account. I'll probably get annihilated.

  • Oh Snaplez

    So i played the game under a canadian account i made for soft launch, but when i try downloading under my U.S account, it downloads but it doesnt say it is under my purchased apps, so how do i know it is under my U.S account?

    • limajo2

      Same here but this worked for me - I deleted the soft launch version and then downloaded the US one released this morning. It downloaded with everything saved which was a surprise because my Game Center isn't working. Thought I'd have to start from scratch.

      • dancj

        I have sometimes found that if I delete an app and then reinstall it without rebooting, it keeps the settings/save games from before, so that could be why it kept your stuff.

      • Oh Snaplez

        Like i have my data and my gamecenter is working but it just wont appear on the purchased apps at the top of the updates page on my U.S account.

      • Tallgeese

        This game probably has its own server that ties your phone ID to your account...

  • profhuggybear

    Waited until this was officially in the us App Store. Glad I waited! Very fun game. I see this as the next big thing for supercell.

  • Jason Howell

    If anyone is looking for a clan, i just created a new one this morning "Young Volcanoes". would love to have any fellow TA fans join (Since the TA official one has been full for a while)