It's been a while since we've heard some news about Breath of Fire 6, the MMORPG take on Capcom's seminal RPG series, surprise! The game is launching in Japan this week, if not right now. The game is currently in pre-launch on Windows and Android, though the official launch and possible iOS release isn't set until Wednesday, February 24th. So we might see an iOS release around then, though the news coming out of Japan is a bit unclear right now.

This game has been in the works for a while now, with the first news popping up back in 2013 along with some other games that have yet to make an appearance in western markets. So, for Breath of Fire 6, I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of this game coming to western markets and in English. Perhaps it could happen someday, but it might take a while. MMORPG localization is often a very lengthy and involved process. Otherwise, learn Japanese?

  • Based Xatu

    Wow this looks bad

  • riChchestMat

    It doesn't just look bad but Capcom don't deserve any iOS business after the Monster Hunter debacle.

  • Rothgarr

    i can't wait for Albion Online to come out on iOS. Now THAT'S an MMORPG. The hardware requirements are steep but it looks so awesome.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I've been playing the beta or whatever they're calling it now, it's pretty cool.

      • Rothgarr

        I assume you've been playing the Win of Mac version? i know you can buy the game now to play the beta but I assume that doesn't include the iOS version...

  • JohnnyB82

    I'm willing to bet it offers no massively multiplayer gameplay at all. I highly doubt you'll see hundreds of people in one place playing the game. I.e.; this game is either falsely described or advertised as an mmo.

  • speetz

    I love the aesthetic but other than order and chaos I don't see many real mmorpgs on iOS

  • curtneedsaride

    Yeah, this doesn't look appealing to me. And I definitely wouldn't invest in it since Monster Hunter remains unfixed here in the U.S. I won't even invest money in their new MH game if they try to put that on the U.S. App Store.

  • Tito Piccolo

    wtf is this? This is not Breath of Fire!

    • volkerball85

      Sadly the last game that could remotely be considered a true BoF title was part 4, back in 2000. The series has been on life support since then.

  • QuarterSwede

    What a mess. This looks like the first game for an indie dev. Absolutely terrible and boring.

    • Gamera Love

      i know right, that's why these games never release in the west and it's the same reason why some western games are not popular here. maybe they just make the game for Asian player and they have English or other languages because some Asian country use English as their second language?

  • YuiKaosu

    This is not a MMORPG. Its a Online Social RPG

  • Zanshou

    What have they done with this franchise.
    Rot in hell Capcom

  • Alien Lullaby

    Although this trailer lowers my hopes, I'd like to know more about the story and setting; those are the most important parts of Breath of Fire to me.

  • volkerball85

    I feel like Capcom does shit like this specifically to piss on the fans who have been asking for a legit sequel for years. They could just bury it like Megaman Legends(or the entire MM series) or Onimusha, but no. They prefer a slap to the face in this case.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I loved BoF 1-3, four was ok though five stunk. A shame it's making a come back as an MMO, as I'm really getting a bit burned out on them and the amount of grinding and time they usually require to progress. Because of this I decided a while back that I would limit myself to only one MMO at a time and at this time I'm quite busy with ESO, I'm going to have to pass on this one. But should BoF ever return to it's single player roots, I'll certainly be checking it out.

  • Weisse

    This is not a Breath of Fire game at all.

  • Kurudo-Jin

    That game has its pro and cons,but i wonder when they will release it in english.

  • izzyv

    Crapcom strikes again.