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‘Burly Men at Sea’ Gets New Trailer and Public Demo Dates

Lest you forgot about Burly Men at Sea, the developers have revealed a new trailer for the game, along with some new info on how it plays. The idea is that you don’t actually interact with the characters, but you manipulate the viewport of the world, in order to explore the world and see the characters. The plan is for the game to have great replay value through vast, branching paths, that will take the story in a new direction every time you play. The Scandanvian storybook style still looks fantastic but refined in this latest trailer:

While Burly Men at Sea is now getting funded by the Indie Fund, and is up for preorder on PC for a release sometime this year, the developers at Brain&Brain had an interesting idea to cut development costs. They volunteered on farms in exchange for food and housing so they could continue making the game. I mean, it’s tough out there for indie game developers, gotta do what it takes, right? It’s a pretty cool idea, at least. If you want to check out Burly Men at Sea for yourself, the game will be demoed at the SXSW Gaming Expo March 17-19th in Austin, TX and at EGX Rezzed’s Leftfield Collection in London, England from April 7th-9th.