acidentitylogoOnce upon a time (in September of 2014), a really awesome mobile Assassin's Creed game called Assassin's Creed Identity was soft-launched in select countries. This new game in the long-running series was the first on mobile to feature the core mechanics of its bigger console and PC releases, and aside from a wonky free to play business model it was a totally kick ass mobile Assassin's Creed game. It was tweaked and updated in the months following its soft-launch, but it never officially released, and last month it disappeared from the App Store altogether. Thankfully it resurfaced earlier this week with a brand new trailer, a new paid business model, and an official launch date of February 25th. Now Ubisoft has released a couple of new developer Q&A videos for Assassin's Creed Identity that cover many details about the game and show it in action in anticipation of its release in a few weeks.

As someone who didn't get around to downloading the soft-launch version of Assassin's Creed Identity, and then horribly regretted it when that version was pulled last month, February 25th just can't come soon enough. This game looks really awesome, and I can't wait to build out my own little assassin. I'm going to name him Meatball. If you're looking for some discussion about this upcoming Assassin's Creed game, look no further than the game's thread in our forums, and be on the lookout for more on Identity leading up to its February 25th release.

  • stelluhreyesthis

    I'm the guy who keeps buying and being disappointed by assassins creed games, I enjoy them to an extent, but always feel as though they missed the mark somehow. Maybe if this is more of a straightforward experience I'll enjoy it more, I wanted to originally post that I'm interested but I'll have to wait and see what people, outside of the soft launch, think of the final product. Hopefully assassins creed 2 inspired more than just the locale.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      If the finished product remotely resembles the soft launch versions, I believe you will be miles from disappointed.

      • madreviewer

        With Internet connection required, no thank you

      • Anonomation

        Internet requirement actually helps the game.

      • boydstr

        But still it's strange that they put a restriction on a mobile game that it is only playable with a wifi connection,in what way helps the wifi the game?

    • boydstr

      The biggest problem that I have with de Assasins Creed games are the fighting mechanics I played only the first one I played the later installments but not finish them the gameplay was and is very repetitive but they did recreate a real living city that is looks beautiful but how good it looks the gameplay was in all the other AC games the same.

  • Martymcsmartie

    Played so many. AC2 was so fresh and I loved it. AC3 was like my brother I hated and he hated me back more. Black Flag was the best Sid Meier's Pirates game ever! But since then I've paid for the games on sale and they've been pretty poor..........this is another that I want....but will hold fire......

    • Carlos Fagundes

      The firsf one was amazing lore but the gameplay was terreble, i wanted play like prince of persia, but failed...

      The second arc history is amazing!

      A the third was so boring... and the main character is so much uninspired!

      But Black Flag is not AC is a Pirate simulator!

      And Unity is so broken...

      i dont know abou Syndicate...

      • Taeles

        syndicate is fantastic. total traditional ac playstyle, no blackflag playstyle present.

      • Martymcsmartie

        I'm so hesitant to put the money down on that one....waiting for a sale.

      • Taeles

        worth full price, seriously. if you are looking for a black flag experience, don't get syndicate. but if your looking for the magic of the earlier ac titles, unity done right plus new fun side mechanics. get syndicate.

        by the way... its on sale right now 40% off. think its the lunar holiday thing.

      • Jaco

        Terrible advise. Syndicate is awful and there's no sugar coating it.

      • Taeles

        your opinion 🙂

        mine? i highly enjoyed every damn minute of it. and why're you reviving a 4 month old comment thread on a 4 month old article?

      • Jaco

        Because I happen to see it 4 months later dumb ass, completely besides the point. I'm not suprised you enjoyed it, there are plenty of stupid people in this world that find joy mediocre games, it's understandable (go nuts over it). Just know that the rest of the collective gaming community with standards doesn't feel the same way. While I do not put much stock in game review sites, IGN manages capture the general consensus with writes quotes like "
        Syndicate is just not that interested in exploring forgotten tombs in search of dusty relics"
        and here is another one
        It feels like you’re chipping away at the enemy, clawing back parts of the city."
        Yup, my thoughts exactly.
        Likely the biggest knock ppb Syndicate is it's as of UbiSoft forgot what made combat so compelling in past versions where the lethality of sword play translated into satisfying fighting system mechanics without coming off too easy all the while remains challenging. This pitter patter and face raking and clawing is retarded, reminiscent of grade school children scratching, biting and pulling hair.
        By all means Taeles, and anyone else ffor that matter, go nuts.

  • Taeles

    My three favorites : Black Flag, Syndicate, Rogue. 1 thru 3 weren't mainstream and I never encountered them. Unity was a train wreck. I loved black flags mix of AC genre and sid meier pirates. Rogue is Blackflag on the north east coastline. Syndicate is just flat out the best traditional ac title modernized in every way.

  • curtisrshideler

    So excited that it'll be premium. I really hope there aren't IAP that will eventually drive this to a F2P model exactly like Assassin's Creed Pirates. I paid $7 for that, and then it went free. But this looks very promising.

  • speedyph

    Looks good

  • Retro_ge3k_

    I want to know if it will have MFI support

    • afyzendo

      Yes, it will support MFI controllers. It was in one of the videos.