Nintendo mobile news has been frequent in 2016 so far, with an announcement a few weeks ago that its first mobile title would be arriving in March, followed by an announcement just earlier today that Nintendo would be pushing one of its "best-known characters" into a smartphone title sooner rather than later due to their just-reported decline in profits. Well, now we're getting even more snippets of news as Dr. Serkan Toto, a highly reliable and respected Tokyo-based consultant and frequent breaker of Nintendo-related news, has said that pre-registration for Nintendo's Miitomo app, which was announced last October, will begin on February 17th, with a release planned for sometime in mid-March.

In subsequent tweets, Dr. Toto elaborates that pre-registration events aren't as widespread in the Western market yet, but are often used as a user-acquisition tool over in Japan. I know that I've personally been lured into several different pre-registration events with the promise of exclusive items or benefits for when the game officially launched. In another tweet, Dr. Toto says those who pre-register will receive points, and that Miitomo will be made available in 8 languages and 16 different markets including the US and Japan when it launches next month. If any more details surface we'll update this post, otherwise keep an eye out for Miitomo in about 6 weeks.

  • Hoodin

    I'm so in and so ready for Nintendo on iOS... and whatever the new Club Nintendo is... and NX... omg Nintendo, just keep the information train rolling! 😍

    • herbertclan

      Nintendo on iOS, keep dreaming! Maybe a few lame apps. But if we think Super Mario is coming to our phones, no way. Nintendo does nothing that makes sense anymore. Let their stocks continue to drop and maybe after a take over the new CEO might want to make some money for their investors and release some good retro games on iOS.

      • darwiniandude

        I know why Nintendo don't do this. But they should. I'm an iPhone guy but I picked up a $30 Android phone to play with. Went into play store, searched for Nes Emulator, and tapped install... It came with lots of games including SMB II.

        Give people a paid legal option.

      • curtisrshideler

        Exactly. All I want to do is pay for the games I'm already playing anyway. Give us an updated retro catalogue. They should probably consult Christian Whitehead, or at least check out the Sonic apps he helped make. That's how retro can be done well. Come on, Nintendo. I don't want these random apps. Give us good content!

      • BTA

        Nintendo works best when they design a game specifically for the platform it's on. I don't want emulated classics; I don't even need an iOS SMB game from them. I wanna see what weird iOS-focused thing they can think up, because they'll probably make something really interesting. I don't understand why people think just releasing emulated games they already sell elsewhere (and are easily downloaded for free anyway) will just print money or something.

        Also, they've only had their current CEO since September and these iOS plans have been in place since way before that, so... that last bit isn't necessary.

      • curtisrshideler

        Emulated games are fun and all, but true touchscreen ports are another story. My phone is full of these ports because companies keep making them. So, they must be making some kind of profit off of them. Square-Enix has a ton, then there are the LEGO games, KOTOR and Fahrenheit, Doom & Doom II RPG, Sonic, and that beautiful Ducktales remake. All of these ports are great. And if Nintendo would make just a few, they'd see profits rolling in from them.

      • Hoodin

        What do you mean keep dreaming? They've been saying for over a year that they're doing iOS games... probably not core games or anything, but if the concept of iOS games is so ridiculous, why would you be on a site like toucharcade?! Shouldn't the concept of great handheld games from a company with a pedigree for great handheld games excite you?

      • Bryanw95

        Of course Nintendo iOS games are coming, but their not made by Nintendo. They're made by a third party with the clear purpose to line their pockets, giving no respect to mobile as a serious platform. You will be disappointed.

      • schail

        FYI Nintendo is developing the whole game and DeNA is taking care of the contents update segment. Also the game that no one expects to sell well(miitomo) already has a similar concept game(made by nintendo) released in the DS and it sold 1.3 million copies. The Nintendo community is still quite gigantic and if those people all jump into serious mobile gaming, we'll see most of the console developers making original flagship titles for mobile gaming as well since they would realise it does make sense to get a bigger pie in mobile gaming

      • OutSpoken

        why retro games though? we cant always look back.

  • Mr.Ace

    Ehhh not even looking forward to this.......sounds lame asf lol

    • speedyph


  • ukdna

    There's no way this can't be a let down. Let's talk about it every day. That'll help.

  • Martymcsmartie

    Still not so interested in this, Nintendo have so much better things they could do. Time will tell I guess

  • Dinara


  • Dentorin

    I never used the Mii stuff except for compulsory first setup (there is a little chibi that vaguely resembles me on my Nintendo consoles but honestly who cares). My biggest concern in all this is that people are going to regard this negatively and they'll consider this first foray into the mobile space a failure after creating something for an audience that doesn't exist.

  • 김지 ν‚«λ°Έ

    I've registered for Japanese things before. They've given out special prizes and whatnot. I'll register πŸ™‚