So, Warbits has been in the works for a long time now – we wrote about it back in 2014, and it's been in development for about 4 years now. But it's finally nearing completion, and it's looking really, really impressive. It's very much inspired by and a streamlining of the influential turn-based strategy game Advance Wars – many of the systems and unit types directly resemble ones from that game. Plus, the whole thing has a quirky and humorous feel to it, with robots arguing about whether ketchup goes on scrambled eggs. The villains say yes, and frankly, I agree. Hot sauce on scrambled eggs is good too, but sometimes I like some ketchup on there. But there's a reason why I'm the villainous Carter Dotson, after all.


Warbits will feature both a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer with online play. You'll be able to compete in what they're calling tag leagues, where you'll be able join leagues based around a certain hashtag with rankings therein. So, you can battle it out in #toucharcade, for example. Warbits looks really slick and plays well in the demo I received, and the devs at Risky Lab are already doing a beta test for the game, and they're hoping to release the final version this spring, with this game's long, long development cycle coming to a close.

  • SpaceTiger

    Is there 2v2?

    • Carter Dotson

      Yes it does! You can do teams or free-for-all.

  • Modjular

    Ah, I feel some tugging on my nostalgia strings. I hope the game lets you have multiple battles going on, Words with Friends style.

    • Carter Dotson

      Yes it does!

      • iosuser

        Loved Advance Wars, perfect fit for iphone/ipad gaming but is it FTP?

      • botoru_bandit

        i hope it's not free-to-play with all the micro-transactions that that involves. turn-based strategy games are a niche thing anyways, so anyone who would buy the game straight up knows what they're getting into. plus the Advance Wars influence is such a great hook that it basically is advertising itself. plus plus the name is super-catchy! Warbits! just rolls off the tongue.

        sorry, i'm just super-excited for this game.

      • Risky Lab

        Warbits will be a paid app.

      • iosuser

        Awesome, look forward to buying the game. Thanks for making it premium!

      • bobehm


      • Carter Dotson

        Yes, multiplayer is async!

    • Edwin Ramirez

      Like in Outwitters? I think that would be the way to go.

  • RossmanBrosGames

    I've been following this project ever since TA first posted about it over a year ago. So pumped to get it.

    • botoru_bandit

      i don't know where i first heard of the game, but ever since then i've been following Warbits' development with simmering anticipation.

  • Charlie Shin

    art direction looks so wrong.

    • drach

      I disagree entirely. The cartoony look of Advance Wars was great over its first three games. The last one, Days of Ruin had a harder, grittier look and was not as popular. I like the look of this game.

      • Daniel De Mattos Neto

        i like all AW, my favorite game of all, the art ia great in all of then, but i disagree with one thing, days of ruin have a wonderful art, and a "adult history"

    • Modjular

      Agreed. I'm surprised they didn't take the graphics to the next level, and make the perspective an isometric 3D view. Like, Crossy road style. It would translate so well .

  • Dinara

    Looks ok but personally not a fan of the character designs and it lacks be cool battle animations advance wars had. The whole presentation of advance wars really sold me on that game, not just the the core gameplay itself.

  • speedyph

    I signed up for the beta 😀😀😀😀

  • Kaijubushi

    This Ipad only?

    • eponym

      Nope. I've played it on both iPad and iPhone. It's great on both.

      • Daniel De Mattos Neto

        on iphone, the game "heats" the hardware? (my iphone is 5S)

  • Daniel De Mattos Neto

    carter, do you know details about price, or iAP?i hope one price (9,99, or anything) with no iAP. This game have a skirmish mode (infinite), like free battle in AW?thanks inadvance