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PAX South 2016: Finji’s ‘Runaway Toad’ Has You Escaping a Princess with a Blimp

Finji Games’ booth was full of PC games that they’re publishing, but they haven’t forgotten about mobile at all. Adam Saltsman of the studio showed me Runaway Toad, an endless platformer where you play as a toad escaping a very possessive princess trying to find the one toad that’s actually a prince – seriously, she will come after you with a blimp. You can tap to charge up a hop jump, trying to land on platforms safely. You can pick up powerups that will let you flap in midair, get a longer aiming line, or have a friendly hippo save you if you land in the water. It’s rather fun, and plays remarkably well at this point, with the game hopefully releasing in March as a paid game.

Also, along with Runaway Toad and Overland, which is still in the works, Finji is also publishing a new game from the maker of Captain Forever. It’s a high score chaser where you’re jumping off of clouds in an arena to try and collect the stars, which serve as points. Meanwhile, other characters bounce around on screen, taking your perks, blocking your jumps, and mostly just being jerks. Hello Rainbow is the tentative title, but it could change, and I was instructed by Finji’s Adam Saltsman to come up with my own name for it. You could be seeing Super Cloudy Bouncer II 2016 Hyper++ Tournament Edition: This Time It’s Personal hitting the App Store in February.